My name is Terry S., and I was born in Palpa, Nepal. I am thirty-one years old and have been married to my wife Humi for seven years; we have one daughter, Armita. I was raised in a Hindu family. Early in my life, I worked as a priest in Hinduism and astrology and served different idols (gods and goddesses). I thought that I would be able to get into heaven by doing good works; I thought that through my own good works I would be justified and made righteous.  

Before God called me in Christ, I was addicted to immorality. I was careless toward my wife and would join with my friends in fighting, cheating, gambling, and bad works in general. But God is great! He loved an unworthy sinner like me and showed His grace and mercy toward me. This happened through a series of events in my life. First, my father suffered from back pain, and the problem kept growing until he became crippled. At the same time, my wife became extremely sick. During these situations, I began to question Hinduism; I started seeking out a different solution for all these problems.

One day, a teacher told me about Christianity. I was told that all those who were suffering could be healed by believing in Christ and going to church and that they would be protected from attacks by evil spirits. I began going to church, traveling almost thirty minutes to attend services. I decided I would be a Christian. However, my father’s and my wife’s conditions continued to worsen, even though we went to church continuously for three months. I stopped going, even though I would still call myself a Christian. In fact, I would still share a “gospel” of Jesus Christ (though it was not the true gospel, but the health-and-wealth false gospel) to the students at school. Being convicted of what I was doing, I started attending church once again.

I was told by one of the church members that if I were baptized, I would become more mature. So, I took baptism. My body went into the water, but my heart was not made wet by God’s Word or Spirit. Sin was still heavy in my life, even though I was given many responsibilities in the church—shepherding the youth, teaching Sunday school, and leading the congregation in the times of tithes and offerings. I was still unsaved.

I heard about an internship at Grace Church Butwal under Pastor Silas and decided to go. One day, Silas discovered some of the sin I was committing in secret. He took time and opened up the Scriptures to show me the truth of the gospel. I realized that I was still enjoying my sin. God worked in my heart a great conviction of these sins, and my heart broke into pieces. In times past, I used to think that I was not a sinner and that I was righteous before the Lord as a result of my good works; but God’s Word (specifically Romans 3:10-12) showed me that every person is born a sinner. That day I cried aloud, repenting of my sins and asking God for forgiveness. Truly, God opened my heart and saved me! Thanks be to Him! From that day, the Lord turned my heart away from those sins. I came to know in my conscience that I am justified before God only because of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done on the cross. Praise God, He gave me a new heart.  

During the internship, I was blessed to have different opportunities to hear biblical teaching. The Lord has also provided me with good resources to help me understand my sin, the truth about man, the person and nature of God, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this internship program, I was able to learn deeper truth and grow in Christ likeness. The Lord also gave me a desire to work among my own native people. Now I am working in a healthy local church and serving among His people.

I praise my heavenly Father for giving me His eternal Son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my sins. I am very joyful that He gave me new life! Please continue to pray for me, my family, and the ministry among the mountain people of Nepal.

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