I was born in a Hindu family, so we used to worship the idols as our gods and goddesses. When I was pursuing my secular studies, I didn’t think about God, therefore, I used to live according to my wish. It was during this time that a brother came to me and shared the Gospel of Christ, giving me a few gospel tracts and books. After listening to him and reading through the gospel of Christ, God started to work in my life to believe in Him. I then started to go to the church fellowship. While attending church, the preacher preached about the love of God and the death of Christ for the salvation of sinners. God exposed my sinful state and my need for the Savior. I realized that God loved me and sent His only Son Jesus to die for my sins, raised from the dead, and now is seated on the throne. I repented of my sinful state and believed in the Lord. A few weeks later, I was baptized.

At that time, many people scolded, discouraged, and mocked me because of my faith in Christ. But God encouraged and comforted me. After that, due to my family’s financial problems, I needed to go into the city to work and earn money. I worked there for many months to support the family. My parents then wanted to send me abroad to work, but I had a strong desire and burden for ministry. Many spiritual brothers used to say to me that God has given me the ability and calling for His ministry.

I told my parents that I desired to go to a Bible college to study and learn God’s Word, instead of working. At that time, my family members didn’t like it, but they agreed to it. My church guided me to a Bible college in southern India in 2015. God strengthened me in my studies and provided for all my needs. On March 15, 2019, I graduated with a Bachelor of Theology. I then spent time in a pastoral Internship, where the Lord increased my understanding of the gospel, practical application, discipline, and pastoring responsibilities.

Please pray as I seek to continue my life as a faithful minister of the gospel of Christ. It is my desire to equip the believers for God’s work, to raise up more laborers for His ministry, and to plant a healthy church in our surrounding area. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.