Testimony of Conversion

Before I came to Christ I was completely lost in the world and indulged in all manner of sinful activities. I used to think that good works and behaviour were enough save me. That si as long as I have achieved that in life, I needed did not need a church for anything. I would drink my alcohol and smoke my cigarettes and maintain my good behaviour. For that reason I was unchurched for a long time, and continued in that life style. I was to be a sign writer and artists and so most of the time i would hang around with raster men who did the same kind of jobs which did. When all this continued my wife Bertha got saved and become seriously involved in church. I supported her idea but never went along with her to church. In 2006 after my wife became very committed at church, that is after she was saved and baptized, she started persuading me to come along with her at her new found faith. I procrastinated the invitation for a long time until one Sunday I attended church service. The gospel was preached on the coming of Christ by Pastor Lichawa Thole and I felt so inadequate, lost and confused. I thought that the preacher was preaching about me. The message stayed in my heart that day and I was greatly bothered by it. All my pride of just not needing church for anything was a lie to myself. I looked back and discovered how I was deceiving myself all along. The same day I was guided on how to ask God for forgiveness. Having heard the gospel at Church in the morning my heart was disturbed by the message and so at midnight I woke up after being troubled by the message that was preached. I remember going ot the sitting room and knelt down in tears and prayed to God for forgiveness of sins and trusted and asked the Lord to save me. It was that day I believe the Lord saved me and welcomed me into His kingdom as aChristian and ever since I have been faithful attending Fellowship at Chisomo led upon Baptist together with my family. So after that I told my wife about, how I have prayed to ask God’s forgiveness in the middle of the night. I felt so relieved and so the following Sunday we went to church and told the Pastor what had happened to me the first time I attended his church. He was so happy and he started teaching me as a disciple of Christ. We went through a lot of lessons such as justification, regeneration, purification and sanctification to mention but a few. He also discussed with me about church membership. After five months of training I was baptized and joined Chisomo Baptist Church of Matero Township. I became involved in the life of the church as song leader, midweek and cel bible study leader and became the couple’s ministry chairman. From 2006, up to date I have served the mighty God in the local church in different capacities. In 2019, I enrolled at Lusaka ministerial college to pursue my theological training which I successfully completed in 2021 after three years of training. Last year 2022, I was among the pastoral interns program of Kabwata Baptist church that successfully completed the program and I feel the Lord is calling me to serve him is the ministry as a church planter.

Call to Ministry

Although I have been avoiding ministry call for a long time. My life activity has revolved around being involved in the life of the church. From the time I was converted I have found joy in the means of grace and church life, and learning God’s word in conferences and block classes. Enrolling at the bible college and successfully completing my studies and later on applying for internship at Kabwata Baptist Church and also completing that successfully helped me to confirm my calling to ministry.