Shem was converted through reading the Bible to his illiterate sister. Shem was later called into the ministry and is a church planter in a village of Cambodia and faithfully evangelizes the community where he lives and cares for the saints under his care. His labors are primarily among… 

 Testimony of Conversion

When I was young, I was addicted to cigarettes. Because of the addiction, for many, I suffered from many sicknesses such as headache, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. One day as I walked back from school to my house, I was so dizzy, and I fainted and was brought to the hospital. After an examination, I was diagnosed with a severe lung problem. The doctor advised me not to smoke cigarettes anymore because if I continued to smoke, I would die.

I didn’t listen to the doctor. When I returned home, I continued to smoke cigarettes, and my health was declining. One day my sister went to the market in Rokarkong village, and she met a man who is a believer in Jesus. He gave the New Testament to my sister. When she returned home, she gave that Bible to me to read to her because she was illiterate. As I read the Bible to her, I came to John 3:16, it seems something inside me to let me focus on that verse, and I repeated it. Also, I realized the truth that the only one true God loves people. I continued to read other verses too.

I remember on December 24, 1988, there was one church in my village that celebrated Christmas, and they invited my sister and me to attend that celebration. When my sister and I reached the church, many people were attending and welcomed us, and the program started. A pastor named Seang Ang preached from John 3:16, which scripture I was reading and was very interested in knowing more about the love of God. I was listening very carefully, and at the end of the preaching, the pastor invited us to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. I was sitting at the back, and I raised my hand with the two others. We walked to the front and the pastor asked us many questions to make genuinely believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and knew that needed Jesus to forgive my sins. In 1990 I was baptized with many other believers. Since then, God removed the smoking addiction, and my health is much better.

Call To Ministry

I thank God that he called me and changed my heart and life. I believe in His power and calling and that God gave me the desire to proclaim the gospel. He saved me and prepared me for His service so that I might be an instrument to proclaim His truth to Cambodia. I want to thank Him for His saving grace and power to make me a different person, and that He called me to be a pastor in Shalom Kompong Cham. To God be the glory. Amen.