Testimony of Conversion and Call to Ministry

I was born into a Buddhist family. I did not know the True Living God till 1999 (17 years). I was a Buddhist but not a religious man. By God’s grace, in the month of January, the year 2000, a missionary, namely Kap Vel, conducted an evangelistic crusade in my village. I also attended the crusade, and after three days, the Holy Spirit convicted me through the Bible messages, and I came to know the True Living God, the doctrine of sin, and the doctrine of salvation. I came to know that Jesus Christ died for my sin, and he paid all my debts, and the only thing I had to do was to depend on the finished work of Jesus Christ, and I did it. I accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ and had the assurance of salvation in my inner life.

After I got saved, the only thing that I wanted to do was to tell the gospel to the people who were not saved. I did it and saw a few people get saved through my witnessing. After finishing my Bible college, I got married, and together with my wife, we started a hostel ministry, and we could start a small house church.