Grace Baptist Church in Oyugis initially began as a Bible study of five people who met on a regular basis. In 2010, Sam was asked to take the role of leading this young church and was subsequently sent out as a church planter from Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Samuel Ochieng Odeny and I am single and still praying for a wife. I was born to parents who were nominal Christians and attended the Anglican Church. At an early age, I was introduced to this church and became a committed member of the Sunday school. My mother pulled strings around the church and made sure that I was baptized and later confirmed to take the Holy Communion when I was in standard four. Due to the respect I had for my parents, I obeyed them until I reach adolescence.

I stopped going to church due to peer influence and I started leading a wretched and godless life. That condition went on for a long time as I was attracted to the world and all it offered. By the grace of God, in the year 2000 I was born again. My spiritual eyes were opened and I discarded my soul’s horrible situation.

I joined a charismatic church by the name of Redeemed Gospel Church. I had a good time interacting with brethren who were more experienced and knowledgeable than I. For a number of years, they taught me and I grew. Then, as I read the Bible and compared some of their practices with what the Scriptures teach, I was left with questions that begged for answers.

By the providence of God, I happened to meet brethren who were reformed. As I listened keenly to their message, I realized that there was a great difference between them and the charismatic belief and practice. At that point in 2005, I was introduced to Grace Baptist Church in Kisumu. Due to distance, we attended services sparingly. The more I went to the Kisumu church, the more I learned of the reformed teachings, until I could no longer be a part of charismatics churches. It was then that we began thinking about opening a ministry in Oyugis.

When the opportunity showed up for opening a mission work in Oyugis, all the brethren agreed that I spearhead the work and I accepted this willingly. That is how I became a pastor in Grace Baptist Church, Oyugis.