Sam was a soldier in Cambodia for thirty years before he was converted to Christ. Samoul is now serving as a pastor in a small village where the people suffer from abject poverty. The villagers have had little exposure to the gospel, but Samoul is faithfully serving the church that he planted in 2011. The church is growing spiritually and experiencing slow but steady numerical growth.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Sam M., and I was born on January 1, 1954. My wife’s name is Vai K. We have been blessed by God with two children.

Before I was converted to Christ, I was a soldier in Cambodia for 30 years. I believed in God through my cousin who is a pastor and began communicating the gospel to me in 2000. My family and I were very joyful and began serving God in 2001 after we were converted.

In 2006, my family faced a complicated situation because most of us were sick. My oldest daughter also suffered from mental problems. I sold almost all my property to pay the hospital bill for her treatment. I had no money and I began to pray to God and seek to know what He wanted to do with my family. I am thankful that God answered my prayers by His grace and all my family members were healed, and He provided for all of our needs.

Through my experiences in life and walking with Christ, I have affirmed that He is the only God. Initially, serving Christ was difficult because I faced persecution from people in the village. When I started to serve God, they said I had betrayed the Buddhist religion, and they wanted to put me in jail. However, I experienced pure joy and wanted to help Christ for the rest of my life.

I thank Him for giving me His salvation and for calling me into full-time ministry in 2011. I am serving a small church in an area with extreme poverty. Most of the people are poor and have little exposure to the gospel. We can meet together and have regular worship every Sunday and gather for Bible teaching in small groups. I am also teaching our church about leadership from the Bible as Jesus taught his disciples. I am preparing them how to lead, and I follow up with them whenever they have any questions.

Mission Updates by Sam M.

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