Testimony of Conversion

East Caribbean Baptist Mission has been my life. I attended the Baptist Academy of Antigua from daycare to grade 12 (Pre-college). My upbringing was in a Non-Christian environment. God’s grace and sovereignty led my parents to enroll me at the Baptist Academy of Antigua. I must attribute most of my learning of the Scriptures and the Catechisms to this school.

Three teachers were responsible for sharing the Gospel with me. I was 12 years going on 13. My conversion was not sudden, but I knew the Holy Spirit was working on my heart through their effort. One Scripture that stayed with me was Proverbs 28:13, “He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.”

I remember telling my family about what I was experiencing. But they were not excited about it. Regardless, the whole of heaven was about to rejoice over my conversion. A few days later, a close friend of mine expressed his fearlessness of death. The reason he gave was simply Christ. After hearing that confidence in Christ, I surrendered to Christ and placed my faith in Him.

My Christian journey since then has been challenging. As I said, I grew up in a Non-Christian environment, and the Baptist Academy of Antigua was the lighthouse of Christianity for me. My faith was challenged every day as a young Christian in my home. God used this challenge for my sanctification in Christ and the ministry.

Call to Ministry

My call to the ministry came a year after God saved me. Our church did door-to-door evangelism around the country. One day, I saw a group of young boys chilling and smoking. The words that came out of their mouths were obscene. You could sense the sinfulness of sin. At that moment, I wanted them to be saved. I desired the world to be saved. I started to think to myself that sinful men need the Gospel, and someone needs to take the Gospel to them. But who? That thought led me to an Isaiah moment, and I said, “Send me, and I’ll go.”

After that, God continued to work in and through me. He has preserved me this far in His work and my Christian journey. God has used my call to ministry and my conversion to remind me that our works of righteousness are not good enough for salvation, only Christ’s perfect obedience and death. I pray that He will continue to chisel me and use me for His glory until He calls me home or Christ returns.