Ragunandam is serving as a church planter in Nepal, where he returned to serve full time in the ministry after studying at a Bible school for a year in India from 2003 to 2004.

Testimony of Conversion

I was raised in a very poor Hindu home. Our situation was very miserable because of our poverty and I became depressed in light of the challenges that I faced. Despite our poor condition, we did not receive any help from our relatives and they showed us no mercy. I eventually started drinking alcohol and soon became addicted. My life was a mess physically, mentally and financially.

In 2002 a Christian man I knew contacted his pastor concerning me. He attended a church nearby and the pastor soon began counseling me. As we spent more time together, this pastor started to give me hope when he explained the Gospel and told me about Christ. I started going to the church with him, and every day I became more filled with hope and things began to change in my life. I kept attending the church and learning more about Jesus Christ, and when I saw that there was forgiveness in Him alone, I committed my life to follow Him and trusted in Him as my Lord and Savior.

After my conversion I understood that the Lord was calling me to the ministry, so I spent 2003 and 2004 studying in a Bible school in India. When I had graduated I devoted my life to the ministry fulltime. There were many problems in my life before I was saved, but God has enabled me to overcome them by the power of the Gospel. His grace and mercy in my life have been shown very clearly. I am so thankful to God for sustaining my life so that I might continue working for His Kingdom. I am glad to be able to be a fellow-worker with HeartCry. Currently I am doing pastoral ministry in Nepal, where I live with my family. Please pray for my ministry and my family.

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