Quinton started Reformed Faith Mission Community Church in 2010 in the neighborhood where he grew up.  His brother, Mario, came to help him in 2013.  Quinton is a graduate of the Bible Institute of South Africa.  He recently left a very good job with the city manager’s office to devote himself to the work of ministry full-time.

Testimony of Conversion

My life prior to salvation was characterized by excessive drinking, parties, gangsterism, and drug dealing. I hated God and His people. On 25 September 1998, I had been out on a night of gang-fighting and violence. I returned home and found myself alone, with no friends and no goals in life. I found myself at the short end of things and my life was meaningless and worthless without Christ. I was chasing after the wind! It was while I was alone in my room, crying, not realizing why, that I finally saw my lost state and repented of my sin.

I could not have known that my life would never be the same again. Suddenly, at the age of 21, I went out to look for Christians, whom I once hated, so that I could tell them what happened to me. This new found love for Jesus drove me on a single-minded mission – to make Christ known! I even joined a choir. For the first ten years of my spiritual walk, I wandered into some strange church surroundings and became very confused by the charismatic chaos that I encountered.

God graciously snatched me out of my spiritual darkness through the formation of a gospel group that would eventually lead to the formation of Reformed Faith Community Church. The Lord placed me among’st solid biblical men where I was exposed to the doctrines of grace and the clear teaching of the Bible. My own brother, with whom I share in elder-ship at our church, has been a mentor to me, helping me to develop in my gifting as an evangelist and growth as a pastor.

Call to Ministry

After conversion, I always had the conviction that the Lord has called me to be a leader, and I have been leading people in some way or the other ever since my conversion. For some reason, I never thought to enter the pastorate and even feared the title. However, I always had the burden to make Christ known to people and for souls around me to be saved. In 2010, my brother and other leaders affirmed my calling to ministry. On 25 July 2010, I was ordained and commissioned to start the church where I am currently serving as an elder.

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