Testimony of Conversion

I was born in one of the largest cities in Cuba, but days after I was born my mother became very sick, and I was taken to another city to be raised by one of her cousins. Although I grew up far from my siblings and parents, my childhood is characterized by all the love in the world by those who raised me, but it was without God. I was only exposed to the Word of God when I would visit my family during my time off from school.

So, I grew up as a worldly person, far from God and quick to make fun of anything and everything that smelled like religion. But, God heard the prayers of my family and of the believers that knew me. On the outside, everything in my life seemed normal, but inside I had a sadness that led me to consider suicide. But blessed were those prayers for me! My older sister shared the Word of God with me and a young lady from a church gave me evangelistic tracts. God was working in my life.

Together with my girlfriend (who believed she was a Christian at the time), I began attending church services at night in a local Baptist church. One of those nights in 1993, a young medical student shared the gospel with me, and I gave my life to the Lord. Later, my girlfriend, seeing the changes in my life and recognizing the fruit of a true Christian, also gave her life to the Lord. Shortly after that we were married, and we now have two sons.

During the next couple years, we were very eager to know how we could serve the body of Christ, and beginning in 2010, I was set apart as the leader of our local church. We pray that God’s mercy and grace would attend to us always.