I am Peter A. from the eastern part of India. I was born and brought up in a Baptist Christian family. Being born in a Christian family, I was very much part of church activities. I was religious, and I attended Sunday School, church, youth meetings, and celebrated Christmas, etc… Even though I was participating in all of those religious activities, I did not know Jesus Christ personally. For me, these things were just religious duties. In other words, I was what many call a nominal Christian, outward confession, but no inward life. There was no joy or peace in my life. There was no experience of knowing or walking with God. As far as my life was concerned, it was a complete mess. I was involved with very bad friends, and I used to drink and gamble with them. In addition to that, I was committing the sins that most young people struggle with. My life was becoming worse day by day, and I was feeling lonely and hopeless.

Having completed my intermediate studies, I went to the city to do some work. While I was working, I continued to be discouraged and lonely. However, God had a different plan for my life. During this time, I met a pastor and began to attend his church. As I continued to go to the church, I began listening to and learning from God’s Word. It was there that I realized that I am a sinner and I need a Savior. I repented of my sins and believed in Jesus Christ. Eventually, I was baptized.  

Desiring to know the Scriptures more, I went to Bible college. While there, I was influenced by wrong teaching. It is only by His grace that the Lord put me in contact with a solid church. Through them, I began to see clearly the importance of the gospel and the church. Indeed, it was a blessed time to learn about the depth of the gospel. After much time, My wife and I have been in prayer and seeking God’s will for our lives. It has become clear the Lord is calling me into the pastoral ministry.