Testimony of Conversion

I was converted in one evening of April 1997. From 2001, I was persuading after material prosperity. I made money while others attended church on Sunday. After a while, I fell into a mental-related illness. I went to all the hospitals in the region. But none of them could diagnose it. One day on a hospital bed, I cried out to God, saying, “O God, if you would kindly heal me of this disease, I would dedicate my life to the Gospel ministry. Please do not take my life yet.” And I kept praying to God in repentance for his mercy, thinking that my final days were approaching. In December 2004, my mysterious disease left me after many prayers and seeking after God’s mercy. It was a great means by which God drew me to himself in genuine faith. My faith and knowledge of Christ were nourished by my experience of God’s grace and mercy over the years. However, it was only when I attended the training course that I realized God chose me before the world’s foundation that I would be granted the grace of faith to salvation in Christ in due time. I’m very thankful to God for His gift of salvation and for the fact that I’m still alive today to serve him.

Testimony of Call to Ministry

In 2005, our local church in an old village needed a pastor. We didn’t have any trained man at that time. And I was among a few men who could read the Bible and who had attended short term Bible training courses. As the situation demanded and believers urged me to lead them, I felt the call from God. So I led the congregation for five years until the whole village moved out to a relocation center arranged by the local authority for those involved in opium poppy growing. We joined a church that had been there for some years. We continued to grow in grace in the fellowship of the church. As I was actively involved in the church’s ministry, I felt the Gospel ministry call to surrounding areas. In 2013, the Bible training center was opened on the church campus. It was a great privilege to attend and learn more about God. After a year, in 2004, I started preaching in new places, two villages, particularly in two regions. Since then, I have been preaching and teaching in those two places. There have been converts over the past years. Therefore, I am now leading two congregations. I am fully convinced that God called me to the ministry because I have become more passionate about preaching the Gospel and concerned for the lost souls over the years.