Nicomedes is the pastor of a church in Pacaipampa, in the northern region of Peru. While he is devoted to the church in Pacaipampa, the Lord has also used him and the congregation there to start several other church plants in villages throughout the region. 

Testimony of Conversion

My life was a disaster. I was a corrupt man who was sold to sin. I mistreated my wife and was constantly given over to drink and all the other vain things of this world.

On November 10, 1985, I was with my friends in the world, drinking and doing many detestable things before God as I walked in the desires of the flesh. Yet it was at that moment that the Gospel arrived in my life through a friend in the district of Pacaipampa. This brother told us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He told us what the Lord had done for sinful men on the cross of Calvary and how He rose from the grave on the third day. He also told us that He is now seated at the right hand of the Father, ready to judge the world in righteousness and truth.

That day I understood the Gospel through the Scriptures, and the Lord changed my life and saved me. Even though I was a terrible, perverse man and a drunk, He changed my life and caused me to be born again. He made me a new man. At first, I did not understand what had happened to me, but when I started praying and studying the Scriptures and fellow-shipping with the people of God, I began to understand what had taken place in my heart.

After this, I continued to study the Scriptures every day and testified to my friends and family about our Lord Jesus Christ. I first shared this news with my brothers, who were transformed by the grace of God and were converted from their idols to serve the living God. Today they are serving together with me in the ministry of the church.

In 1986, God called me to the ministry to serve as a pastor. When I felt the calling of the Lord, I was able to study in a seminary to prepare for the ministry and then was sent into several small villages to begin evangelistic efforts. In one of the villages, I became the pastor of a church, and I continue to serve as the pastor of the same congregation today. The church began with just six brothers and sisters, and now there are over 100 members. The Lord has also allowed us to send out six men from within our congregation to pastor new churches.