My name is Nicole Riemenschneider. I am a member of the Evangelical Reformed Baptist Church in Frankfurt, wife of Pastor Tobias, and mother of three children.

I grew up in the New Apostolic Church. I also met my husband in this church. Through the many conversations with my husband at that time, who was already of the opinion that the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church was wrong, the framework and doctrine of the New Apostolic Church began to crumble in me and I began to doubt the correctness of the doctrine. I also began to question my infant baptism, which I had received at a newborn age. Until shortly before my conversion, I had no knowledge that the baptism I had received as an infant was not the baptism that God describes in the Holy Scriptures. All this finally led to my husband and me turning our backs on the New Apostolic Church to look at other churches.

By the special providence of God, we were allowed to attend a Bible study by missionary Peter Schild in Frankfurt a short time later. There the truths of the Holy Scriptures were truly taught and proclaimed! Even my hardened heart, which at that time did not want to break away from the New Apostolic Church, had to recognize this. The following Sundays we attended the divine services of the ERB Wetzlar, from which missionary Peter Schild was also sent out. Through the sermons, it became clear to me very quickly that everything I knew and was used to from the New Apostolic Church was wrong or inadequate. I was fascinated by the depth and insight contained in God’s words. Nevertheless, it was very difficult for me to abruptly turn my back on the New Apostolic Church, which was not least due to the fact that I had grown up in this church since birth, spent my childhood and youth, and had friends and relatives there.

In a sermon by Peter Schild, in which he pointed out that omission or contravention of Jesus’ words, despite knowledge of the correctness and truthfulness of His teaching, is a serious and dangerous sin, I suddenly realized that I had no choice but to follow Jesus with all my heart. I am still very grateful to God today that He took me out of this false church and convicted me, and that I can now experience truthful teaching.

In the meantime, much time has passed. God has changed me since then in that I value fellowship with true Christians very much and have renounced worldly friends. Where I sought contact with worldly acquaintances or friends in the beginning, I have no interest in it today. I legitimately wonder where the common ground is, if not in faith. Conversations become pointless and useless if one does not have Jesus as common ground. God has also changed me in that I have come to love his word. Even if it sometimes seems difficult in my daily life as a mother to read God’s Word and pray in peace, I am grateful for every sermon that I can listen to without being disturbed, and it fills my heart with joy when God’s words reach me. Likewise, it is of great concern to me that my children are taught and raised in the faith. My greatest wish for them is that they may come to know Jesus. I also seek God’s word and comfort in difficult times rather than the advice of the world. In this context, I also try to be there for other sisters and take care of them when I can be of assistance and give advice.

I am more aware than ever of what a bad sinner I am every day of my life. It fills me with great sadness every day when I fail and give too much space to sin. Therefore, it is my prayer and concern, with all my heart, that God does not stop working on me and gives me more and more knowledge and repentance. Moreover, also the strength to turn my back on sins once and for all. I am thankful that my husband is the pastor of this church and that I can also benefit so much from his good teaching and wisdom. Whether it is in everyday interactions or in the devotions with our children.

God is the almighty Ruler and Creator of all things, and for everything, glory be to Him! Amen.