Nicolae is an evangelist in Cahul where he is also an instructor in Tai Kwon Do. Nicolae uses the sport to teach Bible studies and requires his students to study the Bible as a part of the course.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Nicolae Dunas, and I was born on August 5, 1980. When I was little, my parents used to tell me stories from the Bible. I do not know any stories for children except the Bible stories.

I was raised in a home where I regularly heard the Word of God, but that did not make me a Christian. I used to go to church with my parents, but that did not help me feel forgiven. I had many moments in my childhood when I despised my parents by refusing to obey them. Also, I used to steal money from them to buy things that I wanted. I was upset that my parents did not have enough money to buy me the sweets and toys that other kids had. My father was a preacher. He would also preach in public events like funerals, but he was given a fine by the government. His salary was already insufficient, and the communist government was also fining him for preaching in public. I was about nine years old and all these things caused me to be angry at everything and everyone that was around me. I continued to live like that, and my parents kept praying for me and disciplining me. They were persevering and waited to see a change in me.

When I was thirteen years old, I heard a message about Samson’s life and strength. I was brought to life by this challenging question: “What is it worth to have all the power if your eyes are blind and you are using your strength to work for the devil?” I was touched by the reality of the torment of a man who did not obey God’s commandments. It was at that moment when I understood that I had to obey God’s Word when things were easy for me and when they were not. The preacher went on saying that Samson fought many battles and was victorious, because God was his strength and shield. When he neglected God’s commandments for his life, then his life was full of troubles.

I felt the need to receive Jesus as the Lord of my life. That very day, October 12, 1993, when I was thirteen years old, I decided to follow Christ as my Lord and Savior. The next day, when I was going to school, I began realizing that I was a new person in Christ. I could see how my bad habits were going away. However, there was still a fight inside of me.

I was blessed to have a Christian family. My father would read from the Scripture every day. Before going to church on Sunday morning, our family would gather to read from the Bible and pray together. Those were moments when I got to know Christ better. I also started reading the New Testament for myself, and I discovered the mysteries of the Bible as the Word of Life, and not as just stories for children. Every time I found a passage that I understood I was so happy to discover what the Lord Jesus wanted to teach me. On August 11, 1996, when I was sixteen years old, I was baptized. I promised Jesus to be faithful to Him and to obey Him. I have felt His presence in my life ever since.

When I was seventeen years old, I went away from home to find a job. That period of life was full of trials, but also of nice experiences with the Lord. I could see how good He was to me and how much He blessed me. He helped me every time I needed it. I could see very clearly the great difference between the way of the Christian and the non-Christian. Coming back home, I was encouraged to study at the Bible College in Chisinau. I was admitted, and I enjoyed four years of growing in Christ and of preparing myself to be able to serve others. Towards the end of my fourth year as a student, I began to wonder what I was supposed to do after graduating. I had learned about how Jesus had made disciples and I understood that this was what I had to do. Then I started wondering how I should do this, but the Lord guided me and blessed me.

When I was a first year student, I began practicing martial arts to keep my body healthy. But the Lord used this in the most wonderful way. Things began to become clear about what I had to do. My brother, Pastor Anatol asked me if I wanted to serve the boys in Cahul and other places. I took some time to meditate and see what the Lord wanted me to do. Then, two weeks before my graduation from college, I knew what I had to do next and understood that my calling was to spread the Word of God, by making disciples.

I started training children in Taekwondo, and also preparing leaders to be God’s disciples. I began preaching the Gospel through the Bible studies that I gave in every class. Throughout the years, many of my students have become Christians and are serving God in the church. My focus is on my relationship with each one of my students. This is a long process, but I believe that it is my calling to spread the Word. God will make it grow and bear fruit.

When I was twenty-two, the Lord gave me Natalia to be my wife and He has blessed us with two children. It was impossible for my wife, from the physical point of view, to bear children. But the Lord worked in a wonderful way and gave us our first son, Emanuel (the Lord proved that He was and still is with us). While she was raising Emanuel, my wife got pregnant again. We called our second son Darian, which means “given”, because the Lord has given us another son. They are growing and obeying the Lord. I glorify God through all these things. He is the One who gave us the freedom and the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel.

The Lord has also blessed me with people who pray for me and teach me in the ministry. I am a member of Emanuel church and of the HeartCry mission. I am glad that there are so many people that support the ministry to which God has called me. It is so wonderful to serve the Lord together with others who are praying for me. Even if I do not get to see on them on earth, it is good to feel the power of their prayers.