Testimony of Conversion 

I grew up in a Christian village with regular church attendance and involvement in church occasions and activities. Even in the church, I never heard teaching and preaching on the biblical doctrine of sin and salvation as I understand it now. All I knew was that God is love and that he will not let anyone go to hell if He is so. Also, the community was very materialistic. Everyone pursued material prosperity by any means. I found no difference between Christians and those pagan people around us. After we came to the current location and joined this church, I first heard the true Gospel from my pastor. As I put effort into reading the Bible and listening to preaching with prayers and enthusiasm, I began to understand God, sin, grace, salvation, and man’s eternal destiny. I repented of my sin and received the free grace of salvation on 15th May 2007. 

Testimony of Call to Ministry 

After my conversion, I was burdened for my family and friends because I thought many of them were still in spiritual darkness. I found that many of them were strong adherent to religious observance but without understanding the Gospel’s meaning. They always enjoyed in fellowship with pagan sinners and acted like them. I knew something was seriously wrong and was convinced that they would perish without understanding the Gospel and repenting of their sin. Therefore, I realized that the Gospel ministry was the only reasonable job for me to do in life for man’s salvation and God’s Glory. As a teenager, I was eager to share my understanding of the Gospel with my friends and relatives. The more I became familiar with sharing the Gospel, the more I desired to be a Gospel minister to others too. In God’s providence, I was privileged to attend the Bible training course in MK.

In 2014, when I had already been called to lead a small congregation. Having received formal training at the center, I understood the greater and deeper truth of the Word of God. I was amazed when learning great doctrines such as predestination, justification, and atonement, etc. I firmly admitted that God called me out of darkness to be his children and called me to be the minister of his Gospel. I completed my training in 2016 and was appointed to be the pastor of the church. Since then, I’ve been preaching and teaching God’s Word to members and surrounding unbelievers. And we have had twelve converts added to the church in the past four years.