Abraham’s Testimony of Conversion

I give thanks to the Lord for giving me this opportunity of sharing my testimony. I was in a Buddhist family, and I became a strong young Buddhist. I hated Christians. During that time, I did not have peace in my inner life, and I feared to die. My Buddhism doctrine did not assure me after death. In 2003 a pastor came from India and conducted a salvation crusade for a week. I attended for four evenings without any interest. But on the fourth night, the message touched my heart, and my spiritual eyes were opened, and I came to see the way of salvation that Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. I completely trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I was overjoyed for the salvation that I received freely. That Pastor preached from John 3: 16, and I read it seriously, and I listened to the message very carefully. That night I had an assurance of my salvation from the Word.

Call to Ministry

After I was saved, I saw most of my Uppu people were alcoholics and involved in great sin before God. I had a significant burden for the Uppu people who never heard the gospel even one time. God touched my heart to be an evangelist and share His goodness and salvation to the Uppu people. As I preached the gospel, people were saved, and seven families began to assemble for worship.

The only thing that I desire to do is serve my Savior Lord as a missionary/church planter/evangelist among my Uppu people. Now I have a small house church that I am pastoring.

The difficulties and hardships in my life have caused my spiritual life to grow. It has produced maturity and patience, and it was my good teacher, Timothy, that taught me to live by faith alone for daily life.
After Bible college life, daily Bible reading, studying, fasting, prayer, and witnessing are the things that led me to growth.