Nathan was born in the Middle East and came to faith as a college student. His passion for sharing the gospel with other students led him to join the student ministry team. He is married to Joelle and has served as the national director of Middle East Student Fellowship since 2016.

Testimony of Conversion 

I was born in the Middle East and have lived here all my life. Growing up I thought I lived a good life and God would accept me into heaven. I did not receive the gospel from anyone in my country before university. Then one day in the food court of my campus I met an American Christian man working with the Middle East Student Fellowship who befriended me and offered to study the Bible with me. Over the course of three months, he explained to me from Scripture how I was a sinner deserving God’s judgment; that Christ through his perfect life, substitution death on the cross, and resurrection from the dead offers me forgiveness and salvation. I learned that this was a free gift and as a result repented of my sin and put my faith in Christ for the forgiveness of my sins.

Since coming to faith, God gave me a great desire to share the gospel with others on my campus. I shared the gospel with the girl who is now my wife and she came to Christ the same year that I did. We realized that we were the only Christians on our campus of 3,000 students, and so we started a Christian group to study the Bible with other students. By God’s grace we saw several other students come to Christ before we graduated. After graduation, God put a burden on our hearts to set up Bible discussion groups on other campuses in our country. We joined a ministry internship with the Middle East Student Fellowship and since then we have been working full time in this ministry.

God opened doors to many challenging places and we saw students coming to Christ and reaching their fellow students with the gospel. God has not only used the student movement to reach students, but it has also been instrumental in the reforming and planting of several gospel-preaching local churches. We feel very privileged to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and to be used by God to reach a strategic demographic for Christ. God has done incredible things in the last decade through students. We pray God would use us even more to spread the name of Christ in this region in the coming years and decades.