Testimony of Conversion

During my childhood, I used to go to church with an older couple very close to me. I knew about Jesus Christ from Sunday school, but I definitely didn’t have a close relationship with Him. For others looking in, I lived a moral life, and considered myself a good Christian. In fact, I was proud of that: thinking myself to be better than others.

Things changed years ago when I went to a youth camp put on by a church. While there, I heard the true Gospel. Jesus Christ’s life, death, and resurrection meant that I could be forgiven of all of my sins. All I had to do was believe in Him.

By God’s grace, the Holy Spirit worked in my heart, and helped me realize that I am a great sinner, desperately in need of a Savior. God helped me to repent of my sins, and also to believe in Jesus.

Since then, God has been changing me little by little with the help of His Word, and the Holy Spirit has been doing a great work to conform me to the image of Christ.

Call to Ministry

When God opened my spiritual eyes all those years ago, He gave me a desire to serve Him by telling the good news to others. I had the desire to go into ministry, and to serve Him in the church. I began to serve in the church I had attended as a child.

Some time passed, and God helped me to commit myself to the ministry. By God’s grace, I received the chance to study the Bible, which greatly prepared me for the work I was set out to do.

I am especially eager to go and preach the Gospel in places where people don’t know Jesus. If it is God’s will, I would like to plant and pastor a healthy church somewhere in my country.

I wish to teach sound doctrine, and prepare young men for Gospel work. I want to see good, healthy, and biblical churches planted everywhere. I also dream of a time when I can prepare good resources in my native language; there is a big need for this.

God bless you!