Natalia (Natasa) serves as a member of Philadephia Baptist Church where Igor Seremet is the pastor. She oversees the children’s ministry, disciples young girls, and directs a charity ministry for poor and disabled people. Natalia has a burden to help needy people.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born in 1980 in the village of Ruseni, in Anenii-Noi County, in the Republic of Moldova. Before knowing the Lord I lived a life of worldly pleasures, without hardly ever thinking about God. At the same time, I had many questions, but I was looking for answers in the wrong places. Now that I know the Lord, I regret my past because I wasted part of my life not serving Him.

During my years as an unbeliever, I passed through many disappointments, discouragements and sadness. I was looking for attention and acceptance, but I only found false hopes. At the age of nineteen, I lost my mother. She was everything for me. She loved me and always supported me. Her example will remain forever in my memory. She accepted Christ in 1998, but only two weeks after her baptism she passed away (September 1999). That event made me think about Jesus. I wanted to know who He was, what he had done, and why my mother was so happy before she died.

After my mother’s death, my life became very unsure. I continued with questions and with seeking answers. When I spent time with my boyfriend, I felt that my life was empty and that I could not fill it with pleasure. I was impacted that my mother prayed for me before she died. She asked God that one day I might know Jesus just as she knew Him.

The miracle happened in the summer of 2002. The experience was very unusual. I accepted Jesus into my heart and He radically changed my life. You know the feeling you have when you pass such an experience. It is like flying on clouds. I was the happiest person in the world. After my repentance in June 2002, I gave public testimony to my faith through water baptism on the forth of August. I also became a member of the Philadelphia Baptist Church from Anenii Noi, where pastor Igor Seremet serves.

Even from the beginning of my Christian life, I loved missions. I wanted to share the Gospel not only in my home city, but also in the surrounding villages. In 2004, I participated in an evangelistic crusade with OM (Operation Mobilization) for three months. That event changed my perspective of the future. I decided to join the ministry and serve the Lord with all my life. Since then, I have been working in different ministries involving missions. My desire has always been to work with teenage girls. Because of this, I initiated a project called “Between the Girls”. The first step was to engage in many relationships with the non-Christian girls from Anenii Noi, trying to win their trust and friendship. In time, three girls began to manifest interest in spiritual things. I began to disciple them and invest my life in their lives. Olesia is a teacher in a kinder garden, Altinai is a designer, and Vica is a student. Every Friday I spend time with them in fellowship and I teach them the Bible. Olesia and Vica have begun to attend the youth meetings on Thursday night.

Our city is full of young people. Many think that it is a closed city for the Gospel, but for God all doors are opened. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will prevail and win souls! My desire is to share the Gospel to as many young people as I can, especially with the girls. I want to feed them with good spiritual food. I want to give them simple, deep, and sound teaching. I know that God has a plan for my life and that plan is absolutely wonderful. Because He saved me, I want to be used by Him so that others might be saved from sin and death to life.

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