My Name is Naing W., and I am from the Dawei tribe. My family are strong Dawei Buddhist. We have a saying if you are Dawei “you have no right to worship other religion.” That’s how strong the Dawei tribes are in terms of their religion. I had been in Buddhist religion since I was born, but never in my life that I had peace in my heart. I had so many friends in our community. We always had a fun time with my friends ( we had alcohol time). But one day I saw a guy who was riding a motorbike in front of me had an accident and died. From that time, I was worried about myself, and I asked myself a question, “Where will the soul of this guy go?” I was hungry spiritually. God knew my spiritual hunger. He sent a preacher from Yangon to hold a short salvation conference. I went there, not to listen, but to cook the food because they paid me money. Back then, money was the most crucial matter for me. But while I was in the kitchen, I heard the name Jesus Christ time and time again. It struck my heart; eventually, I decided to go and listen. Praise God there, I found the answer of Life. I trusted Jesus Christ that day. It was 2005, and I got baptized in 2006. I went back home, and I told my family that I am now a Christian.

My family was furious. They did not want to see my face anymore. They even kick me out of the house. I still remember my mom intentionally saying with a bowl of rice in her hands, which she cooked for the family: “Can your Jesus feed you?” When my friends heard about my conversion to Christianity, they spit on me. They said I was disgusting. But I never gave up. I know the truth, and I am sure to go to heaven, so other matters are no longer essential for me to.

I went back to my family and shared the gospel despite their hatred. God marvelously saved the whole family after 4 years. In 2009 my father, mother, sister, and brother, all of them became Christian. Praise the Lord! From then on, there was only one thing that I desired to do and decided to do. It was serving God. So I gave up everything, including my occupations. I was in a full-time ministry until now. I have personally shared the word of God at least 15,000 Dawei. I know numbers are not essential, but just for information, I want to mention this.

Out of that, ten people got saved and baptized. I have preached in the market with loudspeakers every December with my wife. I also gave out 500 gospel tracts weekly. The reason I can do this is that I am from the Dawei tribe, and language is not a barrier. I am married to a beautiful Kachin lady called Taung W. She has been such a faithful worker of the Lord. We are blessed with one lovely boy, and his name is Hosanna Joy.

Without support just by faith, I have been serving God for many years. But thankfully, the Lord allowed me to meet with Timothy M. I am very grateful because their doctrines are sound and biblical. And they are very kind to us. After meeting with this man of God, I went back to Dawei, but this time I am moving to a new place called “Ta Yet chaung” almost all of them are staunch Buddhists.

The first house that we rented, it seemed everything was quite well. But after sharing the gospel, we were told to move from our home. But God prepared another house for us. So we are renting that house. Our final goal is to be able to start God’s church in that village. It might take a long time, but it is worth it all. My wife and I have some strategies to approach. I will be teaching keyboard lessons for free, and she will be teaching tailoring and sewing. I hope that we will be able to see God’s hand very soon in this place.