I was brought up in a Christian home and attended a Baptist church throughout my childhood. I made a profession of faith by God’s grace as a child at 10. I had a true understanding of repentance and faith in Christ. It wasn’t until my mid-teens, that I learned the true depth of my sin and my need for a Savior. Thus, I made another profession of faith at 17 years old and was baptized. I then led a life of lukewarm faith, with little discipleship or obedience, while I attended a charismatic church for some years. When I married Gerald, and he was called by God to Bible College, I started to grow more in my biblical knowledge and understanding. As my husband grew, I grew. He encouraged me in my walk with God and cultivating spiritual disciplines. I thank God for Gerald as he has been a huge part of my growth as a follower of Jesus Christ, in challenging me and leading me.