Moses was raised as a devout Muslim. He was born again while in university in South Sudan. He later studied theology in Zambia. While there, he became a member of Faith Baptist Church and completed a pastoral internship. Faith Baptist then sent him home to Sudan to establish a church.

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Moses. I was born and raised in a Muslim family. My parents and siblings are Muslims. I am the only Christian in a family of nine. I grew up as a devoted Muslim. At the age of eight, I was sent to one of the Muslim schools. At the age of ten, I memorized 1/3 of the Quran. 

The first time I heard a true preaching of the Gospel was in 2010 when I was a student at the University of Juba in South Sudan. One day, Juba University Students Union (JUSU) invited a preacher to the university and he reached the Gospel. It did not make sense to me right then. After the preacher finished his message, he distributed copies of Bibles to the students. I was given a copy which I did not trust as the Word of God but as a literature book. I read the Bible for quite some time and to my surprise, I found that there were similar stories between the Old Testament and the Quran. I decided to compare the Bible and the Quran, and with the help of one of my friends, I was convinced that the Bible is the Word of God, and that the accusations which Muslims make about the Bible as being corrupted were not true. I repented of my sins and trusted Jesus Christ for my salvation in 2010. 

Ever since I believed in Christ, my life has never been the same. I began to read the Bible and I also joined one of the churches. I was discipled and baptized the wrong way (by sprinkling). In 2012, I planted my first church and remained as the pastor. But I thank God, in 2017, when I went to Zambia for my theological training, I joined Faith Baptist Church and I went through membership class. At the end of the class, I was baptized by immersion. Since then, I remained as a member of FBC as I continued to pursue my theological studies. It was my desire to go back to Sudan and serve the Lord there, and the Lord answered my prayer. 

Call to Ministry

From the time of my conversion, I felt a strong urge to ministry. I was convinced that there was nothing better for me to do in this life than to be God’s representative. I worked very hard in my discipleship classes, and because of my educational foundation and by the help of those who were discipling me, I managed to do very well. Although I was still a baby in the Christian faith, because of my commitment to the church meetings, I learned a lot within a short time. So, when my leaders were convinced that I was going to be helpful in ministry, they began to entrust me with some tasks such as Bible reading, prayer, and announcements. As time went by, I was given the opportunity to lead Bible studies and also to preach from time to time.

Having gained the fundamental knowledge of the Christian faith and having gained some skills on how church is organized, the church I was part of advised me that I lead those new converts who were from Islamic background. I started my first church plant in January 2012. I led the congregation for 3 years. I left the church when I felt the need to go for Bible training. 

I got the opportunity to study theology in Zambia. I arrived there in 2017. Throughout my stay in school, I joined a local church, Faith Baptist Church. As I was approaching the end of training, I asked the church to partner with me as I was feeling the Lord was still leading me to go back to Sudan and serve Him there. So, the church agreed to exercise oversight to the ministry work in Sudan. I am now back in Sudan and starting a new ministry. At the moment, I am discipling ten men with the hope to plant a new church soon.