Misheck has a professional, engineering background and has been a member at Kabwata Baptist Church since 1991. In March 2012, he began coordinating for Kabwata’s missions and church planting efforts, facilitating mission efforts and communication between KBC and its mission stations.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born on the morning of February 11, 1957 at Chingwele, Matero in Lusaka. My parents were Presbyterians who initially were gathering with the Dutch Reformed Church in Matero. It was in this Church that I was baptized at the age of two years. When the Presbyterians organized a place of worship at Chingwele Primary School, our family moved to join them. The family later moved to join the Methodist Church, which later became the United Church of Zambia (UCZ). I attended Sunday school from the age of 8, and my association with this church made me believe that I was a Christian. I was even confirmed at UCZ Coillard Church while I was attending school at Hillcrest Technical School in Livingstone in 1971.

All through my college A-Level studies, I believed I was a Christian until I was challenged by pastor Joe Imakando of Emmasdale Church regarding my salvation. When I had returned to Zambia for vacation work during the summer break, Pastor Joe Imakando met me in my home as he waited to take my younger brother Steady to a prayer meeting. He asked me if I was a Christian. I answered with absolute certainty that I was, as was everyone in our family. He asked me why I believed this, and I answered that we all attend UCZ every Sunday. I further added that I was confirmed as a church member in Livingstone. He then asked me whether I was saved and I said I was not. I further added that only God will tell on the Day of Judgement. Pastor Imakando insisted that we should know that we are saved now. I politely asked how one could tell whether they are saved. He replied that I would know. I put it to him that we needed to prove to God for Him to judge us fit for heaven on the Day of Judgement. He was in a hurry to go to the prayer meeting, so he gave me a tract to read before he left with my younger brother. The day was Tuesday, 18 September 1979. I read that tract several times over the next 12 hours, each time questioning the logic of being saved before the Judgement Day without proving my goodness to God. I had no quarrels with repentance, but present salvation? That was taking it too far.

Wednesday afternoon, while walking home from town, deep internal struggles were bubbling in me. I was nearly run over by a vehicle as I crossed Lumumba Road, because of what was going on in my mind. As soon as I crossed the road, something that I am not able to explain up to this day happened. I had a visual image of all my past thoughts and philosophies about God, all at once, but separate and not adjacent. Confusing? I agree, but on that day it was very clear, my thoughts were grossly flawed and would not benefit me. A profound sadness overcame me. I was quite depressed. I was still having a serious debate within me regarding being saved before Judgement Day.

I arrived home and my sister noticed that I was not myself. She asked if something was wrong, but I answered her with a lie, saying I had problems with a pimple on my chin. After my evening meal, I went to sleep early at around 8 pm with a very troubled mind. I woke up two hours later to read the tract and then went back to sleep. This repeated itself three more times. About 4:30 am, on Thursday morning, I woke up and read the tract again, this time reading and praying along the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ printed in the last pages of the tract. Nothing changed; I still felt the same. At about 5:15 am, in an attitude of giving up, I prayed my own and possibly one of my shortest prayers: “God You are right and I am wrong.”

Immediately an indescribable feeling of release and relief came all over my body. I began to laugh and cry for joy at the same time. Wanting not to disturb my younger brother, who was asleep sharing the same bedroom with me, I made every effort to control myself. Even as early as it was, I had an overwhelming desire to go out of the house, onto the streets, and hug and tell everyone that I loved them!

I decided not to immediately let my brother know what had happened. He prepared and went to his workplace. He worked for Lintco during his summer vacation from the university. I explained what had happened to me as soon as he returned from work. He was amazed. Unknown to me, he had prepared a lengthy letter explaining to me how I needed to be saved. He was intending to give it to me sometime when it was convenient. God had overtaken him! He showed me the letter. This was Thursday, 20 September 1979.

What followed after this event was a surprise to me: I began yearning to constantly read from the Bible, seek out and partake in all sorts of Christian meetings, and tell many about this new truth about salvation before the Day of Judgement. Within three weeks, it became apparent to me that I was not benefiting from the teachings in my childhood church, particularly when it came to matters of salvation. I then started attending Emmasdale Church where what was preached flowed with what I was reading in the Bible.

The following year I went to Luanshya to work in the copper mines. I began to worship at Luanshya Baptist Church, where I was baptized – this time by full immersion.

In 1981, I returned to the UK to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. I worshiped at Bethesda Baptist Church in Sunderland, where I worked among the youth. At the polytechnic, I had fellowship with Scripture Union and also with Chinese Overseas Christian Mission. I was president of the latter for two years.

In 1984, I went to Leeds where I did an HND in mechanical engineering. I worshiped at Harehills Lane Baptist Church. I taught Young Peoples Fellowship and Sunday school. At the polytechnic, I had fellowship with Campus Crusade for Christ.

I returned to Zambia in 1988 and worked for ZCCM in Mufulira. I worshiped at Mufulira Central Baptist Church (Now Fair-view Baptist). In 1991, I came to Lusaka and I joined Kabwata Baptist Church.