I was raised in a home that believed God existed but He was not a part of our daily lives. Growing up I jumped through all the hoops regarding the church (christened, confirmed, taught Sunday school) but never really had the opportunity to be drawn fully into the Christian walk. Sunday morning was God’s time. There was no youth program offered in our area (something I regret to this day).

I was 14 when I first I heard the gospel, I went forward and said the ‘sinners prayer.’ I went home expecting my life to change and, as the days turned into weeks with no changes in my heart or life, I thought something I did must have been wrong, and all too soon my new found faith fizzled out.

As I grew older, I became involved in a New Age group, learning and practising various spirituality. Their warm welcome, acceptance, and appreciation gave me the identity, love, and security I so deeply desired. Even though I sat under the New Age teaching for a number of years, I could not fully buy into their set of beliefs. I knew within myself that God was more than another Higher Being, and that Christ’s role was more important that what He was credited with. 

When I look back, I see that the Lord himself was protecting me and preventing my spiralling into the Occult. I was unable to cross certain barriers.  Gaping holes in this particular belief system were becoming more and more evident to me the longer I continued along this path. I reached a point where I realised that this belief system was supposedly close to the truth but simply wasn’t the truth and that I needed to continue my search.     

In 1998, I decided to check out the local church because our teenagers needed some formal Christian principles and education, accelerated by the fact that there was drug activity in our valley at the time. Now I know that it was the hand of God that led us to a particular church. I was hoping to finally meet a Christian pastor who could give me satisfactory answers to my tormenting questions. God put me before a pastor who could provide the answers I so desperately sought. He spoke my language, acknowledged the reality of the world that I moved in, and showed me the Truth. 

God’s continuous guidance, the prayers of parents and a close friend, the fellowship of the members and leadership, and the patience of the pastor, formed the basis of a solid and lasting foundation of belief and faith, forming a platform for me to grow. I could no longer have 2 sets of beliefs, I had to drop one and receive the other completely. I knew that the New Age philosophy fell short of the truth, which meant that I had found the real Truth, and I was determined to leave the past behind me and step out in faith that Jesus Christ had called me to be a part of His Kingdom. 

I had completed my wilderness experience and was walking in Him. In 1998 my husband and I were baptised and our journey together began. I have since grown in all aspects in my Christian walk, through both trials and blessings. My life has not been easy but has been filled with blessings, grace, mercy, and evidence that my life is in His hands all the time. I have found an inner peace knowing that I have found the Truth and can put my hope in Christ no matter what the circumstances. I remind myself: God has Got This! 

I had my questions answered when I met the pastor, and because I have new ones daily, I started my studies with the 1-year course at Rosebank Bible College, numerous smaller studies and courses offered at our local church, and completed the 3-year Christian Leadership Programme at the Bible Institute of SA. 

I currently run the ladies ministry, as well as being a Sunday-School teacher at Coastal Bible Church, Muizenberg, which is pastored by my husband Des. I enjoy teaching and am regularly invited as a guest speaker at ladies events.I do not know what lies ahead of us, but I do know that God is in control, and I trust that He will lead us where He wants us, equip, and provide for us. I look forward to the journey in His time and service.