Testimony of Conversion

I was raised in a very poor and idolatrous home. My parents tended to look to witchcraft as a solution when we lacked health or prosperity. I was always a respectful, responsible, and studious person. I was what we can call “a good person” who does not harm anybody. This made me believe that despite my terrible sinful practices in secret, I was okay with God and that I did not need to pay attention to any sermons by religious people, since they always seemed to me to be lying politicians. 

In 1993, after my parents separated, I had to leave my studies at the university in order to work to help my mom support my three younger sisters. I took a job in a fish factory where, after living a disordered life for a time, I met a young lady who later became my wife. She had been raised in a Christian home and her father was a pastor in a church in the mountains. 

Eventually, we were married and things were not going well. In fact, things were terrible, despite the excitement we both felt prior to the wedding. We did not agree about many things. She had practiced biblical principles throughout her childhood, while I was a complete worldling. We did not understand one another and we had many problems.

During some of the trips to her hometown, a Christian man preached the gospel to me. It was then that I first understood my need for Christ. Not much time passed after that before the Lord led me to a baptist church nearby, where my brother-in-law attended. This brother helped me a lot in my first steps as a believer. He went out of his way to pick me up in his moto-taxi to take me to church and he encouraged me to continue pressing on. About a year later, a group of families was sent out to begin a church in a different part of the city, under the leadership of those who are currently pastors with me in the church where I serve. 

Call to the Ministry

The Lord our God has helped me grow in grace and love and He has given me the privilege of serving Him in different ways over the years: serving as a deacon, leading the youth, leading the music, outreach to the impoverished community, director of a Christian school, and helping train pastors in the mountains and jungles. Now, He has given me the privilege of serving as one of the pastors in the church.

When the pastor of our church first spoke with me about the privilege of being another pastor with him, I was very fearful to take on this immense responsibility. Many times I had seen my pastor pass through hardships and needs. He would weep with me and, yet, then he would have the responsibility of getting before the congregation to encourage them to continue pressing on. I could not see myself in that same situation having the same attitude as that which I saw in my pastor. I was also fearful because if God was calling me in order to give me this great privilege and responsibility, I did not want to be guilty of refusing it. I prayed a lot with my wife and my children and came to the conclusion that I could be confident in God’s grace.

I am certain that God has called me to serve His church as a pastor. He has not done this because I am sufficient for such a task, but because in His kindness and mercy He has decided to use me for His glory.