Testimony of Conversion

My name is Mario Junior Flores Mozombite. I am a native of the city of Iquitos, Peru. I grew up in a family with young and separated parents. This lifestyle is a common problem in my city.

I lived with my mother until I was 5. After that I lived with my father, who decided to put me into school. So I attended school and lived with him and his new partner.

My life was very hard in the years that followed. My father’s new partner abused me physically and psychologically. Sometimes I ran away from her, only to return because I had no other choice. Because of my constant agony, my performance in school became worse. Remorse toward my father grew in my heart for not putting an end to his partner’s mistreatment of me. My hatred for her grew as the years went by. Their Catholic religiosity was indifferent to me because I did not see any moral change or love from them toward me.

As the years went by, my life grew worse, both in school and at home. I gained the desire to become independent. I wanted to be with my friends or find my mother. My suffering became very visible outwardly. Even my neighbors noticed my demeanor.

By God’s providence, a new evangelical church was built near our house. A friend and neighbor who knew my struggles invited me to attend. He led the youth group of the church. At the age of 14, I decided to attend a service. The gospel message they preached was crude, yet still the Lord used it to save me.

I experienced the salvation and forgiveness of God. At that moment I understood that I was a sinful young man full of hatred toward my father and step-mother. I saw that I needed redemption and forgiveness from my sins.

Glory to God for His Salvation. I then saw that my father and step-mother needed the same Gospel that saved me. Like me, they needed Jesus Christ to change their lives.

My parents did not allow me to be baptized at that age. It wasn’t until I turned 18 and became independent that I was baptized in Ayzana, Peru.