Marian ministers among the gypsies in the village of Frunzanesti, where he pastors a church that he started several years ago. The village has two gangs that are very hostile to each other and is in a constant state of fear because of the ongoing crime. Marian’s prayer is that the church will be used of the Lord to bring about unity among the Gypsies who have lived in hate for so many years. 

Testimony of Conversion

My name is Marian Vale. I was born in Oltenia, a region in the south of Romania. My family was Orthodox. In 1978, after secondary school, I went to a high school in Bucharest. Afterwards, I served in the army. In 1984, I went to the Polytechnic Institute to study to become an engineer.

In 1988, I was employed, but was very far from God. I was born into a family that did not know the Bible and did not go to church. We would only pray to God when we were in trouble. Sometimes God would help us, but I would say that it was only a coincidence. I was living in sin, drinking, smoking, and hating. I did not believe in God, but was tempted to believe the theories that taught that God does not exist.

After the revolution, there were many social changes and I was transferred to a new job. I was having health problems and did not know if I would make it. At my new place of employment, I met a believer who told me about God, about what Jesus did on the Cross, and about my sins. I wanted to know more and one day my friend shared the whole Gospel with me. On realizing that I was a sinner, I prayed and asked Jesus to save me. After I prayed, I felt a special peace and a sense of assurance filled my life. I decided to quit my sinful life and I thanked God for saving me. I started to read the Bible and my life changed. I prayed to God to use my changed life for His glory!

In the fall of 1992, I was baptized and very soon I felt that the Lord was calling me to share the Gospel with the lost. I listened to challenging sermons and felt that I was young enough to start serving the Lord. I started to attend evangelism courses and I also went to share the Gospel with the lost around me. There were many villages that we went to and many people were converted and baptized. I soon realized that God was sending me many Gypsies so that I could talk to them. I realized their needs, but I did not want to get involved because of the many problems that they have. Nevertheless, God was pushing me more and more towards the Gypsy communities.

At that time, I began to realize that in order for the work to be blessed, we needed to plant a church in the area. I prayed and went to brother Moise, who was already involved in the work. We had a few meetings and we exchanged opinions. In the fall of 2000, I went with brother Moise to visit the area and we had a prayer time there. After a time of prayer and fasting, God led us to Frunzanesti, a village with 8000 people, two-thirds of which are Gypsies.

God spoke to me through a dream, and I realized that He wanted me there. In this village there are two gangs that have been fighting for the last forty years. We had meetings in the area of one of the gangs. Afterwards, we moved to the other area and the work has begun to develop there. So far there are six people who have been baptized and another eight that are waiting to be baptized. We do not want to hurry with them, because in the countryside the testimony of the believers is vital to the work. We pray that the kingdom of God will grow!