Marian pastors the Tunari Gypsy church. The town is multi-ethnic with Romanians, Gypsies, Bulgarians, Turks, and other ethnic groups. Marian has also started another church in Tamasi and oversees the ministries in Dimieni and Orac. He is married and has four children.

Testimony of Conversion

I began to go to church when I was eight years old. My grandmother took me even though my parents were not believers and were not pleased with the idea. Many times my parents locked the door to prevent me from going and sometimes they even beat me. They often gave me difficult chores around the house so that I would not make it in time for church. Sunday was always the most difficult day for me because I did not know what my parents would do to me. In spite of the trials, the Lord eventually worked in the heart of my entire family and changed them.

One day, God spoke to me through John 3:16 and I realized that I needed to give Him my life. When I was eighteen years old I was baptized. My parents violently opposed me and my father beat my sisters just because they attended. I did not go home until my sisters told me that it was safe. I praise God that He did not stop with me, but continued to work in my family. I baptized my father last year and one of my sisters is now a believer!

I did not want to obey God’s call until 1996 when I had a special experience. Ceausescu destroyed the village of Dimieni in 1987, but in 1996 they let the people build it back again. I went to find my grandfather’s place in order to clean it. While I set up a fire to burn the garbage it seemed like the Lord was telling me: “Like this fire burns, I want to light a fire in your soul for this place.” I answered: “I will tell my pastors to come and preach here.” But Matthew 12:30 came into mind and I realized that I was against the Lord and His will. I told the Lord that the people in Dimieni do not know me and that it was a good reason not to work in the city. But when I was leaving for home I saw about thirty people (the whole village at that time) standing around a dying cow. They did not know how to cut it up, but I was working at that time as a butcher. I cut the cow up for them, and they asked me my name. I realized that they all knew my family.

It was then, that it seemed that the Lord told me, “They know you now!” I answered: “Lord, I want to burn for You in this place!” So, I gave my life to His will and service.

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