Linh was an unbeliever in Vietnam and came to Christ through his wife’s faith and witness. Later, he began to evangelize, and his church recognized his gift to the ministry


My name is Linh C, and I was born in Saigon City. Before I believed in God, I lived in a Buddhist family and did not know who Jesus was. After marriage, my wife became a Christian in October 2010. I came to believe in Jesus through my wife’s life. I read the Bible and heard the message of the gospel through the servants of God. I recognized myself as a sinner, and because of my sin, I knew that Jesus was crucified and shed His blood and died for me. And after three days, He rose again so that I may also be raised like Him.

Call to the Ministry

After my conversion, I began to feel a burden to evangelize. After God converted sixteen people through my evangelism efforts, the local church that I am a member of planted a local church for the new believers in 2017. I felt a desire to care for these people, and my local church set me aside to serve as the pastor under the leadership of my pastor. 

Today, my wife and I work together for God. We have been working with the Lord’s servants, Dinh T. and Pastor S. I want to spend all my time in God’s word so pray for me.