I was born in the northern part of Namibia and that’s where I grew up, going to Evangelical Lutheran Church with my parents occasionally. My mother was always reminding me that she hated the new revival churches. In my early teen years, I had reoccurring questions in my mind about the meaning of life. Why are we here besides eating, working, and growing up to become adults? Where are we going after we grow up? And what really happens to us? I even felt like if there is no reason for us to be here then it was not worth it, but then I still felt that there must be a reason. Many times I would just leave the subject alone since I never got the answer in my little mind. 

I didn’t get that answer, until I came in 2010 to further my study In Accounting and Finance at Namibia University of Science and Technology in Windhoek. There I continued living my life in sin and going to church occasionally for almost two years. For those first two years at university, I made sure that I avoided listening to anyone reaching out to me to share their faith. There came a time in my life when I stopped going to church completely because I felt like I was wasting my time. 

It was during that time when I started listening to one local radio station that my roommate listened to. I began listening too since it was on loud speaker and I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t like it at first because most of the preaching was about revival, which I had been warned about by my mother. I wanted to obey my parents even regarding that matter, but the radio’s sermons had somehow changed my understanding of the meaning of life, although I didn’t have all the answers to all the questions in my mind. 

Around the beginning of 2012, that’s when I realized that the satisfaction of worldly things is just temporary and I felt that I was lacking something in my life. I didn’t fully know that I needed communion with God, so one day I shared with my roommate that I needed a Bible-believing church that can help me understand about life and its meaning. I also felt that If I turn from my sins to God, who created me, then I will be fully satisfied in my life. 

She referred me to one church (Monte Christo Baptist Church) near a place where she had previously stayed. I went there and my questions are answered to this day. I have come to realize that I was created by God, and I was born in sin just like everyone else coming to this world. There is nothing I can do on my own to save my life beside believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I also learned that I should obey my parents in the Lord and by God’s grace. Hence, in the same year, I gave my life to Christ, confessing Him as my only Savior from my sin and the wrath of God, and confessing him as my Lord, the King of my life.

I am striving daily to live under the guidance of God’s word and the Holy Spirit, because I now understand that true satisfaction is only found in trusting and obeying God as long as it is called ‘today.’