Testimony of Conversion

I was born on September 26th, 1975 in Sandwe Village, in the Petauke District of the Eastern Province in Zambia. I am of the Lala tribe.

I was brought up in an Anglican home, and did not properly understand what true Christianity was. I went to church for the exclusive purpose of passing time. In 2000, I heard the voice of a preacher coming from a megaphone near my phone. Filled with curiosity, I joined the crowd of gathering people. It turned out to be the conference of a church called Teaching, Training, and Sending Church (TTSC).

The message was about the love of God, and the wages of sin from Romans 6:23. As I listened, my eyes were opened to the truth. I became convicted of my sin, which I renounced to the love and sacrifice of Christ. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior. In the same year, on November 5th, I was baptized.

Call to Ministry

I started my journey under the charismatic ideology, and went under the intense discipleship of an elected assistant pastor. Later on, I served as a full time pastor in a church planted by the church I attended. While serving, I studied theology from 2007 to 2009 at Covenant College, and I also worked with the Christian Education Ministry. 

In 2016, my first wife died, and I stepped aside to take care of my children until I remarried in 2018.

My doctrinal orientation had changed while I was at Covenant College in Petauke, and in 2020, I moved to Sinda Reformed Baptist Church due to a theological difference I encountered at TTSC.

One problem: they had no pastor.

While there, I took the opportunity to actively serve in the background. Finally, in January of 2022, I was ordained as the pastor for Sinda Reformed Baptist Church where I am still serving now.