Kondi is a graduate of Christ Seminary, a TMAI school in northern South Africa. On an interesting note, Kondi served for years with our dear friend, Dr. Charles Woodrow, in Mozambique. He is now planting Grace Bible Church in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, under the care and oversight of Pastor Mala and Antioch Baptist Church.

Testimony of Salvation

The Lord saved me when I was still a teenager. I grew up in a Christian home, where both my parents were faithful members of one of the mainline churches in Malawi. After observing the character of Christians, I mastered the way Christians talk and live. It would be hard for people to trace my hypocrisy. 

By the grace of God alone, I was being introduced to the faith over a period of two years. At my high school graduation, a man came to preach at our school. He challenged us and preached about the love of God for us. He exhorted us from the Word and made us see our sin. I realized that I was living in sin and that God would never tolerate that at all and that He had a place where all who did not believe in Christ will spend their eternity. 

John 3:16 was the verse which was preached and the Lord used it to draw me to Himself. I repented of my sins before Him in my room and prayed that God would forgive me of the life I had lived in total disobedience to Him. He forgave me, and I was saved in 1995. The Lord gave me joy and hope.  Although I had a personal relationship with God, I never had a church that could nurture and disciple me to grow in the Lord. I jumped from church to church until I had the opportunity of serving alongside one missionary by the name of Dr Charles Woodrow in Mozambique.  The Lord used him to open my eyes and see the need of faithfully serving the Lord while we live here on earth. One day when He asked me what I want to do in my life, I told him that I wanted to serve Christ in my country of Malawi.

The Lord opened the door for me to be trained and equipped for ministry at one of the TMAI training institution in South Africa called Christ Seminary.  It was while there that the desire to serve Him in the church grew. The Lord opened doors and directed me into doing service for Him, which was confirmed by the elders of Christ Baptist Church in South Africa in 2005.

Call to Ministry

Before going to Christ Seminary in 2002, I had the privilege of serving alongside a missionary by the name of Dr Charles Woodrow. Dr Woodrow has lived in Nampula, Mozambique for over 30 years now. I lived with him for a period of two years. I observed him, and his love for Christ was a huge testimony for me. It was while there (in Mozambique) that the Lord placed upon my heart to serve Him in fulltime ministry. I had so many fears as to how this job would be done. Nevertheless, I was convinced of what exactly the Lord wanted me to do for Him. 

I sensed a call to serve Him as a pastor in Malawi and not in Mozambique. Although I was established in Mozambique, the need for good solid reformed churches in Malawi propelled me to run the race of serving and living my life for Him among my own people. The Lord used Christ Seminary to further equip me for ministry. 

What prompted me to pursue this area of service were my observations of the church in Malawi. It was obvious that the church was stuck in ignorance of the truth due to the rampant growth of those who encouraged easy-believism and a feel-good kind of Christianity. The Lord removed the fears and replaced them with encouragements from His word. I trust the Lord to carry me through as I serve.