Kon studied in a pagoda for two years before a Christian pastor shared the gospel with him and he believed in Christ Jesus for salvation. After studying the Bible diligently for six years, he was ordained to the ministry and sent out to plant a church and proclaim the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Testimony of Conversion

When I was a young man, I was sick for a long time. My arms and legs were numb. They had no feeling. When I would touch my arm or my leg, I could not feel it. My father tried so hard to find healing for me. He took me to many witch doctors in different villages. He also took me to many other doctors, like the doctors in the city as well.

My father tried everything for me to expereince healing. He sold all of his possessions to get the doctors or the witch doctors to cure me. For three years I was like this. Nothing worked. I became hopeless and very depressed. My father didn’t want to see me lose hope, so he sent me to the Wat (Pagoda) to see if he could find a reason for me to hope again. I stayed in that Pagoda for two years. I began studies to become a Buddhist Monk. But still, after all this, the sickness would not go away.

One day, a Christian pastor came to the Wat where I was staying. This pastor brought two other Christians with him to visit me in the Pagoda. They read the Bible to me and shared the Gospel. They asked me to believe in Jesus Christ.

At this point, I asked Jesus to save me. I wanted him to be my Lord. The pastor gave me a Bible. I started to read it. After that, I went back home. So, every Sunday I went to church to worship and to study the Bible. I prayed and asked that the true God would heal me. It was after about one month that I realized that God had healed me. When I touched my leg, I could feel it now, and the same with my arms. When I touched them, I could feel my arms again! The numbness was gone! After two months, I was completely healed, and have remained healed to this day!

Call to the Ministry

In 2001, my pastor laid hands on me and sent me out into the ministry, and in 2006 a pastor in the village that I live introduced me to his church members. I met a young Khmer woman there. Her name was Ahn. One year later, we were married. Today, we have an 8-year-old son, named Luka. Now all of our family loves God and serves the Lord together.

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