Proom was a Buddhist and without hope until he heard the glorious gospel of Jesus and believed in Him for salvation. Later, an American missionary began to disciple him after the tragic death of his young son. Proom is helping lead believers in a village on a lake presently. 

Testimony of Conversion

I first heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ when I went to Siem Reap to borrow money to raise fish. I heard the people I went to visit praising God. They were Christians. They gave me a Bible. I read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. At that time, I was devoted to Buddha. Before I was dedicated to Buddha, I was a witch doctor that healed people by the spirits and magic. I think in English the word is a sorcerer. When I decided to follow Buddha, I studied Buddhism a lot and became an assistant leader in the Pagoda. But when I received the Bible and read all of it, I understood that God created the heavens and the earth. I realized that there is only one true God. After one month, I believed in Jesus.

Now I wanted to know how to offer my life to the true God, so I called my nephew who was already a Christian. My nephew Haggai brought his pastor out on the boat to my village to meet me and explain the Gospel to me. I prayed and asked Jesus to save me that day. I put all of my faith in Jesus.

Ten days later, Morning Star, my five-year-old son was missing. No one could find him. We looked for him for hours. Finally, we did find him. He had fallen into a well and drowned, and this was the most challenging time for my family and myself. I kept praying for God to help me. The pastor that shared the Gospel with me talked to me about the life of Job. I reread the book of Job carefully. After all this, I knew for sure that I would see my son again in Heaven.

While I was grieving over my son’s death, no one came to visit us or to comfort us, even though I am a well-known leader in my community. Another Christian pastor arranged for the funeral of my son. We received love from the Christians during this time, and this strengthened me. I continued to read the Bible every day. I saw that religion couldn’t help me.

I was praying to God a lot, asking God for someone to come and teach us about God’s Word. I kept praying about this. After I believed in Jesus for four months, Kelly came to my house with the pastor who did the funeral for my son. If anyone came to visit us, they did not come back, but Kelly did. He taught us about the Bible, gave us Bibles and Gospel tracts to give to people and gave MP3 players with the Bible on them for the people who cannot read. Kelly kept coming back and teaching us. I believe that because I did not give up praying for a teacher, Kelly came. It showed me more about the importance of persistence in prayer.

Call to the Ministry

As Kelly came to my house and we studied the Bible together, teaching the people that came to my house also, that is when I felt the call to ministry. I believe that God wants me to minister here in Moat Klah. Please pray for God to give me continued strength and guidance to shepherd this flock.

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