Testimony of Conversion

When I was a kid, my entire family was Catholic. My grandparents and parents actually practiced animism, but if you asked, they were catholic by name. My oldest brother heard evangelists preach the Gospel, and was saved. He presented this to our family, and I remember being excited to join him in prayer and Bible study.

As a teenager, this wore off, and I wanted to join a martial arts group that practiced dark magic, and that called upon evil spirits for power. It seemed to go well at first, but I grew physically sick from being around them.

My Christian brother prayed over me, and I was healed. After that, I stopped myself from pursuing martial arts, and started focusing on reading the Bible and going to church.

I was born again in 2002, and was baptized in 2006.

Call to Ministry:

As I grew in faith, I developed a love for helping the pastors, serving at the church, and going out to share the Gospel. I went to Indonesia for a bachelor’s degree, and after I had done this, I returned home to Timor-Leste to find a job.

I applied to companies for two years, but was never hired anywhere. During that time, I stayed active in the church by engaging in mission endeavors, and helped plant the Gethsemane Baptist Church with Pastor Francisco. While serving in the church, God was calling me to prepare myself for ministry.

Pastor Brandon from Saint Rose Community Church, and Matt Glass from HeartCry Missionary Society were both influential in encouraging me to attend seminary. They got to know me, and made sure of my character before recommending me, and this led to Pastor Brandon’s church affirming me so that I could come to the United States.

 I prayed, and asked God that if He was willing, my fears of switching from a geography major to a theology major, VISA matters, and my relationship with my wife (then girlfriend) would all be taken care of. I trusted God that he would lead me as I stepped in faith. God performed miracles. From getting a VISA, surviving English, enduring Covid-19, passing classes, to getting engaged, God was with me always.

As of right now, I am in the middle of my MA studies in Pastoral Ministry. My goal is to finish next year so that I can return to Timor-Leste with my wife so that we can serve Jesus Christ as He calls us.