My names are Joy Alewo Abutu. I was born into a polygamous nominal ‘Christian’ home and attended an evangelical church from childhood. Despite my regular attendance and participation in the things of the church and Christian activities, I was not saved. The sense and awareness of my sin kept on growing because, first, I learned from Sunday-school that no one is born a Christian, and secondly, the yawning gap between my conformity to outward church requirements and the inner turmoil of a rebellious heart against God.

In 1995, while attending a Christian gathering, the hymn “Amazing Grace” was sung. As we were singing along, suddenly, it dawned on me that Christ’ death was for me, for my sin. Deep tears began to gush out of my eyes, tears of sorrow for sins, and at the same time a relief that Christ’s death was for me. I gave my life to Christ that night and was baptized by immersion subsequently, and I have been walking with the Lord ever since.