I grew up in a Christian community. But my family was poor, and our attention was mostly to our physical needs. Moreover, my parents were not religious persons. But I thank God that Pastor Elijah was leading the church in my village when I was attending Sunday school. It was through him that I heard about Sin, Christ, and Salvation in Sunday school classes. I was introduced to the solid foundational teaching of the Scripture and Christianity in my church life. By 2013, I was fully convinced by the Holy Spirit of my Sin and the need for a savior. In the same year, God, by His sovereign grace, drew me to Christ, as I understand it now, for my eternal salvation. I was baptized and attended the Bible school that year for more knowledge of the Christian faith. 

Testimony of Call to Ministry 

During my time at the school, I experienced growth in a personal relationship with Christ and the knowledge of Him. It was a great privilege to be taught by solid men of God at the Bible school. The more I understood God’s grace, the deeper my affection became for the Lord. I started preaching Christ to my parents and siblings, and relatives in my village. At the same time, I also taught children and led the young people at my local church on the Lord’s Day. In that way, my desire to preach the Gospel to other people became stronger. 

I continued to play a part in our local church for the next four years while studying at the Bible school. It was during one summer Gospel trip that I was totally convinced of the call to the ministry. As we traveled and preached at different villages to hundreds of unbelievers, I felt God was calling me to give my life for the Gospel ministry. When I saw the perishing sinners and their need for the Gospel preaching, I committed my life to God’s service. 

When I completed training at the Bible school, I was sent to a village where I have been preaching until Pastor Elijah and the church arranged for me to go to a new place where the need is more significant and the opportunity wider. I believe that this is God’s will and that He will establish his church through my ministry. My wife and I are excited to live among people who have never heard the Gospel and to see them saved through our ministry.