Joseph, along with John Akeyo, is planting a church in Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city. He spent a few years as a member of Grace Baptist Church Eldoret under the pastoral care of Naphtally Ogallo before being sent out by them to Nakuru. Joseph is currently studying at the Kenya Reformed School of Theology.

Testimony of Conversion

I was religious from my childhood, because when I was young I was introduced to church. Both my parents were believers, very committed in the church, and they were even leaders at one point. So when I was growing I was a good boy in the eyes of my parents and our church. I was taken through a class and then I baptized with by immersion. Things were okay in the eyes of everyone, but deep inside my heart I knew something was not right. My life was not right with the LORD. At one point I was even a teacher of Sunday school. Many times when I was taking the children through the Bible, I could see my own sin, but I didn’t know what to do as a young man.

One day a friend invited me to join them in their church service, just to see how they do their worship. He had invited me many times, but I was full of many excuses. That Sunday in July 2001 was a turning point in my life. After hearing the Gospel, God opened my heart and I saw my life as it was. What I had been doing was inadequate; I needed CHRIST. That is how I came to know the LORD.

Call to Ministry

When I came to the LORD in 2001, my background was serving GOD in Sunday school. I loved it, but I was not a believer. So when I came to the Lord, it didn’t take many years before the burden to teach returned. I attended a prayer conference in our city in 2003, and I felt a strong uneasiness just to continue with my usual business. I left my job and joined missionary training, then I began to go do mission work. By God’s grace, I went to almost every corner of of our nation. This was purely volunteer work with no salary, but God in His own ways caused us to experience His Love, provision, and His anointing upon us. We saw Matt. 28:19-20 in practicality in the mission field. Can we say life has been easy? No, but here we are, and since that time my heart has been in the ministry fully. Sometimes I try to run away to go back to secular work, but there is no peace and no progress.