God mercifully saved Jonathan and called Him into the ministry at a young age. After studying in a seminary in Sullana, Peru and again in Medellín, Colombia, Jonathan now serves as an evangelist and teacher out of the church Jesús es la Puerta (Jesus is the Door) near Sullana. In addition to teaching in the local church, Jonathan devotes the majority of his time to evangelism, street preaching, and discipleship in the towns surrounding the city.

Testimony of Conversion

By His grace, God saved me from my sin and gave me life when I was dead in my trespasses and sins. Though I was born in a Christian family, my life was always very worldly, and I loved the things of the world. However, when I was 14 years old, I heard Angel Colmenares preaching from the Bible. I was able to see my condition as a sinner before God, and it was then that I repented of my sins. It was a marvelous thing to feel such peace. The peace that the world could never give me, God had given me. My parents were very happy to know that God had changed my life. Since my parents were more mature in the faith, they were able to counsel me, along with Pastor Angel, and to guide me in the Scriptures as I grew closer to God.

At the age of sixteen, the Lord put in my heart the calling to study and prepare for the ministry, so I decided to study in the Baptist Missionary Theological Seminary in Sullana, Peru. It was a great blessing for me when they accepted me as one of their students, and by God’s grace, I was able to learn a lot about His Word in the classes that I took there.

The seminary lasted four years, but during those four years I had a motorcycle accident while traveling in the city. By the grace of God, I wasn’t killed, but I did suffer serious injuries and thought I would never walk again. But through it all, God taught me to love Him more, and as Psalm 23 says, to believe that He is with me. I felt moments of discouragement, but my brothers and sisters in Christ came to my house and visited me to encourage me with their prayers and share different verses from the Bible. I suffered a lot, and it was hard to be bed-ridden for so long, not being able to leave the house even to go to church. But I knew that God was carrying out His great purposes for me because things had happened only according to His plan, and I knew that despite all that I was going through, He was with me.

After being bed-ridden for five months, God began strengthening my body, and I was able to walk again. It was a joy for me and my parents and all the brothers and sisters at our church in the town of Mallaritos as the Lord worked in me and we saw His care for me. He gave me strength so that I might go out and carry His Word and follow Him. God is great!

My life was changed by God, and I will never cease giving thanks to Him for the work that He has done in me. I did not deserve it, but God chose me among many sinners that He might give me salvation. Now I have become a testimony of His saving power both in the church as well as to those without the gospel that surround me, to whom I am taking the good news.

In 2013, God in His grace gave me the privilege to receive more theological training in Medellín, Colombia where I was able to learn and understand more of His Word during the eight months. It was a beneficial time in my life, studying many different biblical courses and meeting many pastors, and through my time in Colombia, God continued molding my life into greater maturity in His Word.

Call to Ministry

God called me to the ministry when I was nineteen years old when I went on my first missionary trip to Moyobamba, Peru. During the trip, I was able to see the great need for the gospel. We had to walk many hours in order to get the Word of God to the villages. It was a delight for me to carry the message of the gospel to those places, and it was then that God put on my heart the burden to continue reaching those who are sin-diseased and in need of the Doctor, Jesus Christ.

God called me and He showed me the white fields to which I ought to go and preach, and I could see the great need to be a missionary for His work. I came to see that it is no easy thing to take the gospel to the lost, but I could also see how great God is toward each of us who belong to Him.

Now I am serving in different towns near Sullana, Peru, where God is working in the hearts of the people. When God calls us to the ministry, it is a wonderful sensation and there is no turning back. My prayer is that God might continue using me greatly in this ministry of carrying His Word of salvation.

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