Javier is the pastor of the Baptist Church of Maranatha in Paita, Peru.


My name is Javier and I was born in August of 1973 in the district of Sapillica, in the northern mountains of Peru. I was born in a Christian home and, although I made a decision as a child, I did not understand what it meant to follow Christ. In 1984, at the age of 11, my father was teaching me the Gospel, and I understood that just because he was a believer did not mean that I was also saved. Therefore, I understood my need to repent and to accept Christ as my only and sufficient Savior. So, I asked him to forgive my sins, and I believe that since then I have been a child of God.

During that same year, I developed an interest in learning to play an instrument to worship the Lord. God fulfilled this desire and allowed me to learn to play the flute and the accordion through the instruction of a missionary named Jenny Adams who served for over forty years as a missionary. Once I learned to play those instruments, I began to serve the Lord in music ministry; teaching other brothers as I visited them in many places in the mountains of northern Peru.

When I visited those brothers, they asked me many questions about the Bible that I did not know how to answer, and it was through these trips that God was showing me my call to pastoral ministry. So, I told the Lord that I would prepare myself for his service. When I finished high school, I worked for one year to save money and then at the age of 18, went to study at the Baptist seminary in Trujillo, where I studied for four years. God worked in a mighty way in my life during that time through the teachers to help me grow in my Christian life.

When I finished my studies in 1995, I began working in ministry, helping out at churches in various parts of Lima. Then I took my first pastorate at the First Baptist Church of Huamanga in the state of Ayacucho and pastored there in 1995 and 1996. Then I was invited to pastor Filadelfia Baptist Church in Piura of northern Peru during 1996 and 1997.

In 1997 I was married to Judith who shared my vision to serve the Lord, and we both desired to begin a church. This was a great challenge in our lives as we set out to begin the church in Paita. There we became members of Bethel Baptist Church, and in 1998 we began to help with their mission work. Through this ministry, we were able to learn more about how to begin a new church. The following year we began the Maranatha Baptist Church, where I currently serve as pastor, and the Lord has continued to cause the church to grow since then.

It is such a blessing to pastor Maranatha Church. I ask you all to pray that the Lord would continue to use us in the different ministries that we are involved in at our church: prayer, evangelism, discipleship, music ministry, children’s ministry, Compassion International, and my teaching ministry in the training of other pastors.

The Lord has also given us two sons and two daughters. I ask you to pray that the Lord would watch over them.

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