Testimony of Conversion

I was privileged to be born into a Christian family, privileged in the sense that I got more opportunities to encounter the gospel from an early age. Though it was not the whole gospel, I did learn that Jesus came to die for sinners and everyone is a sinner. Jesus is the Son of God and the only way, truth, and life. We need Jesus in order to go to heaven. Although I acknowledged that, it was only information that I could recite. So, my childhood was good, I was obedient to my parents and my teachers.

But everything changed when I finished school and went to live in a city for further study. I was away from my parents and no one was there to stop me from doing whatever I wanted. I started trying everything that the world offers. At first, I hesitated but soon it became normal to me. I started living in my sin without repentance. This led to a failure in my studies. Regardless, I still claimed to be a Christian. Soon my life was exposed to my parents and church. They started praying and counseling me. I was also fed up with the life I was living and wanted to quit my addiction to alcohol and smoking marijuana. I also started praying and asking God to help me quit my addiction.

After that, there came an opportunity to go to Bible school. The only reason I went was to make my English better and learn about computers. When I went to that bible school they asked me when I accepted Christ as my Lord and personal savior. It was the first time that I encountered this question. The question bothered me because I always thought that I was a born Christian. The Bible school didn’t really help me with the question but it helped me become a moral person. I started reading my Bible seriously, praying earnestly, and was able to control my anger. This continued for two years and after graduating I returned to my hometown to help my dad with preaching and leading songs in his church. Time passed, and I returned to my old addictions.

I received another opportunity to go overseas for Bible study. I went to Malaysia. I was a student pastor for Nepali speaking community who were working in Malaysia as foreign employees. I was in an unhealthy relationship, I was struggling with past sins. God soon called me back from Malaysia. My sponsor stopped their sponsorship, and I returned back to Nepal.

God was gracious and connected me with a missionary from the United States. During this time, my brother started teaching me and it began shaping my understanding of the gospel. Finally, after thirty-plus years God opened my eyes and heart to see the seriousness of my sin and need for a Savior. God brought me into the light of His glorious gospel. Though the gospel was always there it was never for me. In all those years I can see God’s providence for me and how He was working in my life. A missionary brother invested my life, doctrine, teaching, and family. I got the opportunity to read good biblical books together with him, and ever since then I have continued to in my sanctification and knowledge of our Lord.