Ivan graduated from a Bible academy in the Dominican Republic and is now serving as the pastor of the church “Jesus Is the Only Hope” in Sullana, Peru.

Testimony of Conversion

I come from a dysfunctional home. My mother is a Christian, but my father is not. From a very young age, my mother took me to church with her, and I have always been surrounded by Christian friends. However, even though I attended church for many years throughout my childhood, I was never actually a Christian.

The fact that I had grown up in the church gave me the mistaken idea that I was saved; I never drank or went to parties, and I believed that I was a good person. At the age of 17, I heard a message of salvation that was very different from what I had been accustomed to hearing. The gospel that was preached was new to me, and it was through this sermon that the Lord saved me. Later, as I read the words Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, the Lord led me to understand that I had been born again.

So, the Lord saved me, called me, and moved me to repentance. I knew that He had chosen me. After this, my understanding of sin changed radically, and I separated myself from it. Daily I am coming to know God more, and as I learn more about His holiness, I am more aware of just how sinful I am.

I am certain that salvation does not depend on people but on God Himself. I know this both because it is the testimony of His word and because it is my own experience. His Spirit teaches and guides me each day, and I see that salvation is more than just the simple appearance of piety. I am thankful to God for His mercy.

Call to Ministry

I took classes in 2003 to be able to study Civil Construction. During that summer I attended a youth conference, and it was there that God gave me the desire to be fully committed to serving Him in the ministry. I gave up my career and got involved in the seminary in Sullana. I graduated in 2009 and can say that ever since I decided to serve the Lord He has never failed to provide for my needs.

The Lord has used several people to create and greatly increase my love for the ministry. I know that God has called me to this and since I began serving Him, I have lacked nothing. To this day, I experience great joy and delight in service to Him.

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