Conversion Testimony

I praise God for this opportunity of sharing my testimony. I was born in aBuddhist family. I did not know the living God. My Buddhism doctrine was like spiritworship. One day, I visited one church and wondered how theywelcomed me and the love they showed to me. From that time, I wanted to readthe Bible and know the Christian’s God. I had some questions and asked themissionary-pastor. And the pastor explained to me about the law, and good works cannot obtain salvation. He used the book of Romans chapters 3, 4, and 5. Rom 6:23 opened my spiritual eyes, and I came to know that salvation and eternal life is a gift of God. And I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. I came toknow that Jesus Christ has paid the penalty of my sin; the only thing that I had to do is depend on the finished work of Jesus Christ. It was in December 2005, and I took a believer’s baptism on January 1, 2006. After having the assurance of salvation, I had joy in my inner life, and I faithfully attended a small church in my village.

Call to the Ministry

After my new life in Christ, I came thirsty to know the Bible deeply and to studythe Word of God. But I faced the attacks of my family and relatives since they areBuddhists. My family kicked me out of home because I am a Christian. The situation that I faced was not easy at all. In 2009, I got married, and my wife and I met more persecution from our families and relatives and friends who were Buddhists. We could not solve the difficulties we faced, and we just prayed with tears day and night. In thatsituation, I came to understand that salvation is not only for me but also for my families, relatives, and even my Uppu people. One day when I read the Word of God on Mathew 28:18-20, I was touched by the great commission. On that day, I decided to serve the Lord. By the grace of God, I could finish my B. Ministry course in 2011 and B. Thm 2017 from a Conservative Bible College. Since my tribes are Buddhists, I came to understand my duty and responsibility is to reach them with the gospel, and I told Pastor Timothy. After the church interviewed me, they commissioned me to reach my Uppu Chin people. I stepped out by faith in 2017.

Spouse’s Testimony of Conversion

My wife was born in a nominally Christian family but did not know the way ofsalvation. Her father was a church worker but not born again believer; her mother and other family members were Buddhists. One day, she attended the salvation campaign that the church conducted, and it was on March 3, 2013, she came to know the real way of salvation, and she completely trusted the finished work of Jesus Christ. She was born again by the power of the Holy Spirit at that time.