Igor pastors a church that is involved in planting two other churches in the eastern part of Moldova, Roscani and Speia. He also directs a Christian Center in that is designed to train missionaries to have an impact in the area. As a gifted preacher and leader, Igor encourages and trains other missionaries in the area of Anenii Noi. He also trains outreach teams for other mission points in the area. Igor and his wife, Mariana, have four children.

Testimony of Conversion

I was born to an Orthodox family in the southern part of the Republic of Moldavia, in the village of Vadul lui Isac. In my childhood, I had good and bad moments. When I was nine years old, my father died; and from that time, many things changed in my family. My mother did the best she could, but she spent all her time trying to earn enough money to feed us and had little left to provide for our education. I was the smallest in my family, and I witnessed many unpleasant things that my brother and older sisters did to my mother. I realized at an early age that the life is full of conflicts. This put a desire in me for a family full of peace, quiet, and understanding. But looking around, I could not find a family like that.

As I grew up, the street started to impose its values on me and I began to change. I wanted to be friends with the most popular young people. There was one boy with whom I became friends. He was very popular among the young people, but then something changed. It was like he became another man. I heard that he was going to the “Baptist” religion. I did not know what it meant, but I no longer wanted to be his friend. Every time we met, he would talk to me about God and tell me that he was praying for me. One day, he invited me to watch a movie called, “The One who is Always with You!” It presented the story of a family who believed in God. For the first time I saw the family that I was longing for but could not find anywhere. At the end of the movie, I thought that if those who believe in God have a family like this, then I will go to the church.

On the next Sunday, October 1992, I went to an evangelistic service in a village nearby and I received the Lord in my heart. I did not understand very much, but I continued to attend the church services. The teaching helped me, but the Holy Spirit did not give me any peace. Then, one Saturday evening, I knelt down and told the Lord that from then on that I wanted to start a new life. He saved me in February of 1993.

I immediately became involved in the youth ministry from the church. After a while, my pastor taught me how to preach. Every Wednesday evening, my pastor sent me and other young people to a neighboring village where a church was just being planted. It was in the same village where I repented and was saved.

I continued serving the Lord in this way until I finished high school. At the same time, I was trying to decide what I was going to do in the future. All the plans and thoughts I had before my repentance became trash for me. I understood that the Lord was calling me in the ministry, but I knew that I needed some theological preparation. Then, one year after finishing high school, I went to the Theological College from Chisinau. In the second year of my studies, one of my professors and I started a mission in the village of Anenii Noi, about twenty miles from Chisinau. At the end of the third year, I was called as the pastor of the church. I took the decision after a few days of prayer and fasting. I believe that God called me to this village, and that He has given me the vision of planting one church in each village in the area where there is no evangelical church. There are about thirty villages without an evangelical church.

In the third year of college, God made me see the one who is now my wife and my partner. Her name is Mariana and she was also doing her studies Chisinau. We were married on the 16th of August 1997. One week after our marriage, we moved to Anenii Noi. Now, we have four wonderful children – one girl and three boys. We are one happy family because God is with us!

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