Ratana is one of the pastors with Shalom Mission to Cambodia. He serves in a small village church outside Battambang in the Eastern part of the country. Please pray for him as he labors among his own Khmer people.


Before I believed in Jesus, I was a Buddhist and an evil man, and I did many bad things. I hated Jesus and also mocked Him, and also I hated those who believed in Him. One day there was a pastor who came to share the gospel to me and taught me the way of life and salvation and God’s love toward me. When I heard the message I was amazed, and I started to think about the way I had previously hated Jesus and mocked at Him and how my actions were very wrong. Later in the year, I received Jesus Christ into my life as my Savior and Lord. My life started to change day by day, and I stopped doing what I used to do, and I desired to be like Jesus Christ.

Call to ministry

After my conversion, God called me into full-time ministry to serve Him and share the gospel with other people, especially with those who lived as I once lived. I am very sure that God called me to be a pastor in Okambot Shalom church and to shepherd His flock. Although it is hard to be a pastor, I have joy because I know He called me to be in His Service.

After I received the Lord, I also shared the gospel to my wife, and she also believed in God. We are both serving the Lord full time with Okambot Shalom Church. My wife helps me teach the children and women at our church. Please pray for my family and me that we will labor for the gospel in spite of all the challenges and spiritual battles we face.