Gustavo has pastored “The Good Shepherd” Baptist Church since 2004.


I went to church many times when I was a child, and I was even about to be baptized when I was 14. I attended a series of classes in the church for people that intended to be baptized, but I left the church before the actual baptism. After I had spent seven years in the world, completely absent from the church, I came back.

I was living without God and did not have any real understanding of who He was. I was living according to the principles of this world and disowning God, but one day while I was watching the “Jesus Film” (it was Holy Week), God opened my heart, and my blindness was taken away. I repented and believed in Christ as my Savior and Lord of my life, and my life was miraculously changed. 2 Corinthians 2:17 gives me assurance and confidence in my salvation.

In 2003, at the end of the year, when I was studying to be a professional and even making plans about my future and family, God called me to serve Him. He was dealing with me, teaching me through His Word, and one night while I was reading my Bible in the book of Isaiah 41:9, God spoke to my heart and prepared my heart to serve Him in the ministry.

In January 2004, my pastor was leaving our church to go to the jungle. Someone had to take over the pastorate, so the members of the church and I understood that the Lord was calling me to take on the responsibility, and I have been the pastor since then.