Testimony of Salvation

I was born and brought up in a Hindu family, and all of my immediate family are all still Hindu. Before coming to Christ, I was a totally depraved man. I used to live a very sinful life doing many sinful activities. I disobeyed my parents and used to get angry with them while they asked me to do work at home. I used to quarrel with my family.

I was a man of sports, and one day when I was practicing marshal arts, one of my friends told me about Church, and I was interested in what he had to say. I started going to Church, but I was not attending regularly. I saw my church friends and some others were being baptized, and I felt I should be baptized as well. But I was not yet saved. I went to bible school for ten months. In 2015, I returned from bible school and started helping my pastor at the local church. But still I was not saved because I had not yet heard the true gospel. The church preached a health and wealth prosperity gospel. There was no true gospel preached—every week the message was man centered, health and wealth, and legalistic preaching.

In 2016, I met brother Silas at a house fellowship. That night, brother Silas shared with me the gospel. That sound gospel drew my attention because I had never heard this gospel before. I then started to understand the knowledge of salvation. I understand that salvation is the supernatural work of God, and that God is the only one who makes people Christians, not men. Our healing doesn’t give salvation, nor do our good works give us salvation, but only through the redemptive work of Christ by grace alone through faith alone. Because of this gospel truth, a few weeks later, I started joining the house fellowship where brother Silas taught every week. Every week I got the privilege to listen to the gospel over and over. God miraculously changed my stony heart by His grace. I knew that I was a sinner and I repented of my sin and trusted in Him alone for my salvation. By His grace, my plan, heart, and thoughts totally changed.

Testimony of Call to Ministry

From 2016 I continued joining with brother Silas at the house fellowship. Later on I had the privilege to have fellowship with other brothers and sisters too among the group. At that time I was still going to the same church where there was no sound teaching. I was not able to grow in that church as I was supposed to be. I met the pastor over and over to talk about the gospel, but he would not listen. Instead of being willing to learn, he started accusing me of following a false teaching. Finally, my conscience would not allow me to continue on in that church, so I made a decision to join regularly where brother Silas serves. I was finally able to grow more in Christ. In time, God gave me a burden to serve Him. Brother Silas used to talk with me regarding my desire for full-time ministry. In God’s providence, in 2018 I had the privilege to join for an internship program. For almost four years, I was able to learn from the Bible and prepare for His service. I was much challenged and encouraged while I was in this internship. Brother Silas & brother Doug invested in my life, and I was able to grow more in leadership. Near the close of of the internship, God also provided a godly woman in my life. In 2021 I got married. After our marriage we waited for the Lord’s proper time to be sent out from the church. Finally, a year later, the Lord sent me and my wife to my birth place for full-time ministry at a local church there.

Now, currently I am serving the Lord at this church along with my wife. We both are involved in full-time ministry. We are excited to serve His people! Please pray for us that we may grow more in Him and serve His people faithfully. There is much work need to be done. May the Lord use us for His glory.