Gopal G. was converted from an orthodox Buddhist background, and has been planting churches in Nepal since 2002. God has used him to plant multiple churches in southwestern Nepal. Gopal is privileged to work in the ministry together with his son Sarvajit.

Testimony of Conversion

I am Gopal Singh Gurung and I was born in 1956. I came from an orthodox buddhist family, and i was a follower of Buddha and also a leader in the Buddhist religion. I have three sons, one daughter, three daughter in-laws, five grandchildren and my mother. I am a widower after my wife passed away in 2001 because of cancer.

First of all, I would like to thank God and as well as the HeartCry family for the privilege to write my testimony. Before receiving Christ, I was afflicted with an evil spirit. I had gone to a doctor as well as witch doctor, but I couldn’t get healed. For many months, my family and I were in a great trouble. I had no hope at all. Before I had this problem, people shared with me about the Gospel, but I refused to listen to the truth. I was always defensive and argued with those people.

When the pastor and his family came to know about my horrible condition, they came to my house and shared with me about Christ. Now I know that it was God’s plan to choose me and save me out that condition. The pastor and their family started visiting me and praying for me every day. Slowly I got healed and began to join with the church. Then I was totally healed and came to know more about Christ personally. I accepted Christ as my personal savior, and was baptized in 1989.

Description of Ministry

I began to grow more and more in His faith. Later on, I realized His calling to minister to His people. God gave me a burden to evangelize people where the people have not yet heard the Gospel. In 2002 I left my home and local church for the sake of the ministry. I evangelized in this new place and planted a church there. I served the Lord for four years there, and I handed over that local church to elder Chandra C. Then I came to another place in that district along with brother Khem. God by His grace enabled me to reach people there, and slowly God added new souls. Then God gave me a vision to plant another church in a third place. Now I am working in this new church. I am looking forward to shift from here to a new field within one month.

Please pray for my health and the place where I am serving the Lord. May God give me His grace and power to bring new souls into His kingdom.

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